Ameristar perimeter security products -- bollards

Ameristar perimeter security products -- bollards

Ameristar perimeter security products -- bollards Product Image

Ameristar's Defender anti-ram security bollards combine an open, esthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.


  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Ideal for securing large perimeter entrances
  • Available in a variety of operating sets & formations
  • Flush with the roadway when retracted

The Defender security bollard is K4 certified by the U.S. Department of State, meaning it's capable of stopping a 15,000 lb medium-duty truck traveling at 30 mph. The Defender bollards are made of retractable, 10 3/4" diameter, round tubular columns with a full guard height of 30".


The Defender anti-ram retractable bollards, available in automatic or manual, are excellent for sites where the pathway access changes often. When retracted, the Defender security bollards are flush with the roadway and provide free movement of pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the Defender automatic hydraulic rising bollards are an economical and effective way of securing any access point.


The Defender fixed security bollards provide safety and protection to key assets, yet do not restrict the freedom of pedestrians.

For sites where around-the-clock protection is a must, choose Ameristar's Defender fixed security bollards.


The Defender removable bollards are designed for areas where frequent and fast manual removal of the bollard may be necessary.

To remove, simply unlock these bollards using the internal locking mechanism and then lift using the hidden lifting lug.

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Product From Senstar Inc.

An ideal companion for outdoor perimeter security patrols, RoboGuard is an agile robot, travelling on a monorail along smart fences. Carrying an assortment of payloads such as a fence scanner, cameras and intercom, it can replace or complement routine manned patrols to check for suspicious objects, activities or damage to the perimeter. Upon an intruder alert, RoboGuard can shorten response time by engaging the intruder within seconds; the controller can speak to the intruder, send high resolution footage to the control room and can activate deterrence devices.  RoboGuard is suited for correctional facilities, remote unattended critical sites and for secured areas with frequent disturbances.

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GateGuard Radio Callbox/Intercom

Product From Ritron

Carmel, Indiana – The GateGuard® Wireless Access Control System from Ritron allows wireless 2-way voice communication with visitors and remote control of gates for optimum security and convenience. Portable radio-equipped personnel can talk with visitors and then activate a gate from anywhere around the facility. A compact base station radio is also available and provides an AC powered, “fixed” station for 2-way communication and remote-control (either desktop or wall-mount).  This rugged, industrial-grade system allows long-range communications (up to 2 miles, line-of-sight), is weather-proof and tamper resistant.  The system works with most VHF or UHF business band 2-way radios. A License-Free VHF

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Pacific Scientific's Pit-BULâ„¢ Non-Lethal Vehicle Capture Device

Product From Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC)

The industry’s first non-lethal vehicle capturing system; safe, low risk, easy-to-setup, non-damaging to vehicles, reusable, and ensures no chance of escape once deployed! Works as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into your existing physical security system and video analytics. Pit-BUL™ is camouflaged as a speed bump and remains passive until remotely activated.

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Automatic Systems' SlimLane SC and SlimLane 944 Inlane Speed Gates

Product From Automatic Systems

Brussels/Belgium - March 6th, 2014 – Automatic Systems, a world leader in the automation of secure entrance control, has enlarged its SlimLane speed gates product range. SlimLane 940, 944, 945 and 950 are now also available in a short cabinet version to provide a reduced footprint. The new SC version has a cabinet length of 1274 mm (floor space) versus 1640 mm for the standard one.

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BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader

Product From Barcode Automation Inc.

WINTER SPRINGS, Florida–Barcode Automation, Inc. has announced it will be attending two trade shows in the western United States, FENCETECH and ISC West, both being held in Las Vegas. This will be the first time Barcode Automation will exhibit at shows in the western United States.

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SlimLane Optical Turnstile

Product From Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems Announces new Shorter SlimLane Footprint


Brossard, Quebec – February 10, 2014– Automatic Systems is proud to announce the new short footprint version of SlimLane - the world’s leading swinging glass door optical turnstile.

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Pit-BULâ„¢ Vehicle Stopping System

Product From Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC)

The Pit-BUL™, which stands for Pit-Ballistic Undercarriage Lanyard, uses innovative technology to immobilize a wide range of vehicles and to cover a wide spectrum of applications including perimeter security, high-value installation entrances, roadway checkpoints, border crossings, airports, bases, university campuses, as well as many other applications. 

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NightHawk Vehicle Pursuit-Stopping System from Pacific Scientific

Product From Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC)

The NightHawk® is the first remotely deployed and retracted vehicle pursuit-stopping system. It is a smart combination of high tech engineering and proven Stop Stick® tire deflation technology packaged into a small case weighing less than 30 lbs. 

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NetWave NW8 wireless Ethernet link

Product From Comnet

ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut  has introduced the NetWave NW8 wireless Ethernet link that is designed to support redundant ring and “Drop-and-Insert” functionality on a wireless network. 

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Gallagher's K20 Tensioner Link System and Z10 Tensioner Sensor System

Product From Gallagher

Gallagher has introduced the K20 Tensioner Link System, a perimeter fence hardware solution which offers both improved performance and aesthetics. The product has been developed to enable faster and increasingly consistent installation of the system while providing enhanced security and easier maintenance and trouble-shooting.

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