Silent Knight’s SK-FIRE-CO Detector

Silent Knight’s SK-FIRE-CO Detector

Silent Knight’s SK-FIRE-CO Detector Product Image

NORTHFORD, Conn., Nov. 20, 2013 - Silent Knight by Honeywell today introduced a single detector that senses both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) and greatly reduces nuisance alarms. The SK-FIRE-CO Detector minimizes parts and labor, equaling big cost reductions. It is also the only non-proprietary, addressable detector of its kind to be made readily available through Security Equipment Distributors nationwide, which ensures competitive pricing and readily available parts.

“This detector will satisfy the new CO legislation many states are implementing for commercial properties, and save the owners a lot of money by eliminating the cost of separate devices that require additional junction boxes and wiring,” said Loren Schreiber, product marketing manager, Silent Knight.

Currently, 40 states have CO detection requirements, which largely affect commercial sleeping spaces, such as hotels, dormitories, apartment complexes and nursing homes, for example. In addition, CO detection can be required for buildings with mechanical/boiler rooms, laundry rooms, gas fire places and any other facility containing fossil fuel-burning appliances. 

When compared to a typical installation of separate fire and CO sensors, the SK-FIRE-CO Detector and its compatible B200S Sounder Base, replaces multiple devices, including a CO detector, a smoke detector, a mini horn, monitor modules, three junction boxes and all of the wire associated with each. Utilizing fewer devices within a space also gives a cleaner appearance.

To satisfy both local and national fire alarm requirements, the SK-FIRE-CO Detector’s sounder base provides distinct tones for a fire versus a CO emergency. In response to customer requests, tones emitted from the B200S Sounder Base can also be synchronized to nearby horns.

“When you have a fire alarm in a dorm or apartment, it’s important the sounder in your room synchronizes with the temporal horns in the hallway as one consistent, clear tone, otherwise it can cause a lot of anxiety in the midst of an evacuation,” Schreiber explains.

Working in concert with the entire line of IntelliKnight version 13 fire alarm systems, the B200S Sounder Base can be programmed as a single station alarm, to sound an alarm in just one room of an apartment, for instance. Likewise, if smoke or CO is detected by multiple detectors within the same living quarters, the sounder bases can be programmed for a multi-station alarm, which will activate all sounders within an area for a general evacuation of a specific zone or an entire building.

To verify a true fire emergency and minimize nuisance alarms, the SK-FIRE-CO Detector analyzes four elements: smoke, CO, light/flame and heat. Due to its high rejection rate of nuisance alarms, the SK-FIRE-CO is an ideal solution for challenging smoke detection environments, such as night clubs with theatrical smoke, and construction areas containing large amounts of dust.

Silent Knight’s complete portfolio of IntelliKnight products are non-proprietary and sold through security equipment distributors throughout the U.S.. Visit for more information on the SK-FIRE-CO. Contact a Silent Knight regional sales manager for a product demonstration and to locate a nearby Security Equipment Distributor.


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