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iQ-Smart City

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‘iQ-Smart City’ solution from iOmniscient is a comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytics capabilities for managing people and traffic in a modern city. iQ-Smart City involves technologies which are predominantly based on Advanced Video Analytics though the portfolio also includes analytics based on sound (e.g. detecting gunshots, breaking glass, fights, etc.) and smell (e.g. detect gas leaks or spray painted graffiti). By being smart the system focuses on making the city SECURE.

The Video Analytics that are used go beyond simple motion detection and include Behavior Analysis, Face Recognition in crowded scenes and multilingual License Plate Recognition performed simultaneously. Hence iOmniscient's iQ-Smart City provides comprehensive information to manage the city environment both in real time and more strategically. The new patented Automated Response capability assists reducing the time it takes first responders to react to an incident ensuring timelier service for those who are involved.

Incorporating Big Data concepts, the system is able to process large quantities of forensic information to enable the user to predict events and to manage a large city with limited resources. IQ-Smart City generates what is called Meaningful Multimedia Metadata (MMM or M3) which is Meta data resulting from pre-processing video.

Key Features:

  • Capability to cope with crowded scenes: Our patented Non Motion Detection technology focuses on static or stationary objects while learning the background of a scene in few minutes. Placing or removing an object in the scene can activate an alarm in a timely fashion. In crowded scenes, Non Motion Detection provides results which traditional video motion detection is incapable of.
  • Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS): To enable the efficient implementation and use of our analytics systems, they have been armed with a Nuisance Alarm Minimization system to reduce the false alarm rate. Also, only authorized personnel have access to/or receive alarms about particular information to protect the privacy of citizens and to ensure that sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands.
  • Face Recognition in a Crowd: iOmniscient's Face detection feature optimizes the capture of faces in a crowd to record, match and recognize. This enables the system to present possible matches from faces stored in a database to the operator. The option to manually and visually match the detected faces to the presented images is provided as well.
  • Multi-lingual License Plate Recognition: The comprehensive iQ-License Plate Recognition is able to detect and automatically read the alpha numeric characters. With the ability to recognize color, it detects plates from almost any country.
  • Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP): Our surveillance system records, detects events, identifies the people and vehicles involved in an incident and additionally takes automatic action based on certain pre-determined factors or provides the tools to take automatic action. The iQ-ASAP system is able to understand situations at a much more advanced level since it is capable of combining information from different sources to draw conclusions.
  • Jump to Event: Once an alarm is raised, the user can jump to the event giving staff the opportunity to react immediately and to allow quick and easy identification of the involved persons.
  • Management of Big Data: Incorporating Big Data concepts, the system is able to process large quantities of forensic information to enable the user to predict events and to manage a large city with limited resources. It forecasts future requirements enabling more effective planning.



  • Identification and tracking of suspects/criminals even in a crowded and uncontrolled environment
  • Detection of suspicious behaviors (e.g. man-down/fighting, loitering, running etc). Be able to automatically IDENTIFY the culprits using many-to-many Face Recognition system.
  • Immediate Alert for people who wear masks, helmets when entering specific areas (e.g. the money exchangers or near an ATM)
  • Recognition of suspicious activities determined by using a combination of video and voice recognition systems. Generate an alert for incidents like gun shots, serious car accidents and screaming sounds.


  • Prevent hawkers, ad posting, graffiti and vandalism
  • Data collection before any construction plan and street planning activities ? the use of a counting system to understand the traffic flows and distribution of people/vehicles at different times of the day


  • Prevent over crowding
  • Detect Slips and falls
  • Smoke and Fire Detection for outdoor environment

Most cities build their systems based on technologies that were available in the past, unaware that Artificial Intelligence based technologies have been evolving rapidly. iOmniscient believes that a Smart and Safe City is one where the information derived from a multitude of different types of sensors from different parts of the City are pulled together to ensure that authorities can ensure the security, safety and enjoyment of its citizens.

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