CALL24’s Campus Alert PA

CALL24’s Campus Alert PA

CALL24’s Campus Alert PA Product Image

Nationwide, government-mandated initiatives are requiring educators to install campus-wide audible alert systems. School administrators are scrambling to discover the best practices for meeting their emergency public address needs. With CALL24’s Campus Alert PA, educators have the most cost-effective, high-quality PA-alerting solution available.

And because it’s installed with a CALL24 S-Series wireless callbox, you receive all the benefits of CALL24’s most feature-packed high-powered emergency communications system. The S-Series Callbox is built “PA-ready”, making Campus Alert an easy, economical option.

Features include:

Wireless: Because the CALL24 S-Series Callbox is wireless, you’re free from worrying about skyrocketing construction costs…now and in the future. As an S-Series wireless callbox option, the same applies to the CALL24 Campus Alert PA. No boring or trenching is required. Your emergency broadcasts occur wherever a callbox is located – no electrical power lines or phone lines are required. CALL24’s wireless system incorporates the same reliable radio technology used worldwide by police, fire, and EMS responders.

Flexible, Yet Controlled: The emergency scenarios that can occur on campus seem almost limitless. It’s critical for a campus alert PA system to possess the flexibility to handle any of those scenarios. CALL24’s PA option is built with such flexibility in mind; it’s easily programmed central Campus Alert control panel puts PA system control in the hands of those authorized to use it. In addition to controlling pre-programmed messages, you can broadcast live voice messages from any properly-authorized portable radio.

Easy to Install: Unlike wired systems, CALL24 helps you avoid the expense or disruption of boring and trenching lines to each callbox and its public address speakers. Just pick a spot with sufficient sun exposure and place your callbox there. It’s that easy because CALL24’s callboxes with their Campus Alert PA option are wireless and can be powered by solar energy.

And not only can you install the callbox and PA virtually anywhere, you can use one of our many attractive mounting poles; or install it to a building or one of your own power or light poles. And if a future construction project requires the system be relocated, simply unbolt it and move it to a new location…no wires to hassle with.

Powered From Your Callbox: Install your CALL24 Campus Alert speakers at any S-Series callbox location. The onboard callbox battery provides ample power for the amplifier and speakers. And because CALL24’s battery provides stable power 24/7, your PA system is still operational, even during a power outage.

CALL24’s onboard battery receives a charge from any number of sources – up to 480 volts AC or DC solar power.

Placing a callbox on an existing light pole is a popular choice for many CALL24 clients. CALL24’s StarCharge™ system charges the onboard battery from any dusk-to-dawn lighting system. Or use CALL24’s Suncharge™ system for a solar-powered, totally free-standing, callbox & PA solution.

You Decide Where You Are Heard*: What if you want to broadcast a live-voice audio alert on the North side of the campus, but not campus-wide? No problem with CALL24’s wireless PA system. With single location, zone, or wide area “all-call” capability, CALL24 instantly gets your live broadcast to those that need to hear it.

Or use the Campus Alert control panel to deliver pre-programmed messages to all your callbox locations.

*S-Series MK1 callboxes only permit campus-wide public address broadcasts.

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