Axis Communications' Q35, P32 and P33 Fixed Dome Camera Series

Axis Communications' Q35, P32 and P33 Fixed Dome Camera Series

Axis Communications' Q35, P32 and P33 Fixed Dome Camera Series Product Image

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – March 26, 2014 – Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, announces 10 strong additions to its comprehensive lineup of fixed dome network cameras. Two brand new camera series – AXIS Q35 Series and AXIS P32 Series – and two additional models in the popular AXIS P33 Series offer customers versatile fixed dome options for any surveillance application, from high-end solutions to cost-effective installations.

“With this announcement, Axis continues to innovate and expand our product portfolio to meet a range of application and cost demands from customers and partners,” said Scott Dunn, director of business development, Axis Communications, Inc. “The AXIS Q35 Series delivers maximum performance meeting the demands of critical infrastructure, casinos, airports and railway stations, while AXIS P32 Series provides cost-effective yet high quality video, ideal in hotel, office and retail installations, for example.”

AXIS Q35 Series offers HDTV 1080p video at 60 fps, top-of-the-line WDR, Electronic Image Stabilization and live zoom  

The new AXIS Q35 Series includes indoor and outdoor models with wide and tele lens options. The fixed dome cameras deliver smooth and steady video thanks to HDTV 1080p recording at max 60 frames per second and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). With intelligent capabilities such as Gatekeeper and live zoom, operators can get closer views of people or vehicles for identification and increased image usability.

To improve image usability further, the cameras can automatically transition seamlessly between handling strong variations in light with Wide Dynamic Range – Dynamic Capture (WDR) and low-light conditions with exceptional light sensitivity.

The IK10-rated and dust-resistant indoor AXIS Q3505-V and the IK10+ impact resistant outdoor-ready AXIS Q3505-VE are ideal for installations requiring highly durable and reliable video surveillance with features such as vibration resistance and shock detection, which sends an automatic alarm to the operator if the camera is hit.

The new AXIS Q35 Series is planned to be available in Q2 2014 at the suggested retail price of $999 for AXIS Q3505-V 9mm, $1099 for AXIS Q3505-V 22mm, $1149 for AXIS Q3505-VE 9mm and $1249 for AXIS Q3505-VE 22mm.

Four vandal-resistant, day/night cameras debut in the AXIS P32 Series

The new AXIS P32 Series consists of four vandal-resistant day and night fixed dome camera models for indoor or outdoor installation. The cameras are designed to meet both the quality and cost demands of the market, while also being easy to use and operate. Featuring varifocal lenses with remote zoom and focus as well as P-Iris control, the cameras provide HDTV image quality both day and night.

The indoor AXIS P3214-V and outdoor AXIS P3214-VE deliver HDTV 720p video while the indoor AXIS P3215-V and outdoor AXIS P3215-VE offer HDTV 1080p video. Different camera mounting options with optional accessories and the ability to add intelligent video analytics such as people counting make AXIS P32 Series ideal for retail and other service industries.

The outdoor models of the AXIS P32 Series are planned to be available in Q2 2014, while indoor models are expected in Q3. The suggested retail price of AXIS P32 Series ranges from $499 to $749 depending on resolution and indoor/outdoor model.

Popular AXIS P33 Series expands with two new models

The indoor AXIS P3365-V and outdoor AXIS P3365-VE are additions to the existing AXIS P33 Series and provide features such as full HDTV 1080p video and wide angle of view of up to 100 degrees. The new fixed domes have the same popular design as the existing AXIS P33 Series cameras and support remote focus and zoom, P-Iris control and pixel counter. Both cameras are IK10 vandal resistant, have a wide operating temperature range and are suitable for a variety of installations.

AXIS P3365-V and AXIS P3365-VE are planned to be available in late Q2 2014 at $799 and $999, respectively.

All of the new cameras are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program and AXIS Camera Station. The cameras include support for AXIS Camera Companion for small system solutions, AXIS Video Hosting System, AXIS Camera Application Platform for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.


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