DSC’s PowerSeries Neo Detectors, Keys and Sirens

DSC’s PowerSeries Neo Detectors, Keys and Sirens

DSC’s PowerSeries Neo Detectors, Keys and Sirens Product Image

LAS VEGAS — March 31, 2014 –– DSC, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), announces the introduction of more than a dozen detectors, keys, sirens and related devices that are all powered by the ground-breaking PowerG wireless technology and compatible with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo platform.

PowerG is the robust industry-leading commercial grade wireless technology that is designed to reduce operational costs for dealers while providing the ultimate in systems reliability for end users. 

The new PowerG-enabled devices cover a wide range of functions, beginning with a line of multi-channel, frequency-hopping spread spectrum detectors that overcome frequency blocking and interference from various wireless products and technologies. Devices dynamically optimize their route to the control panel to avoid RF interference. Low power consumption is achieved through adaptive transmission power to support longer battery life.

Included in this group are the PG9904P Wireless PowerG PIR Motion Detector, the PG9905 Wireless PowerG Temperature Detector, the PG9916 Wireless PowerG Smoke & Heat Detector, the PG9924 Wireless PowerG Curtain PIR Motion Detector, the PG9926 Wireless PowerG Smoke Detector, and thePG9934P Wireless PowerG Motion Detector with Integrated Camera. These detectors offer 128-bit AES encryption, high transmission ranges for reliable communication within up to a 1.25 miles line of sight and TDMA synchronized communication technology to prevent message collision.

The camera on the PG9934P Wireless PowerG Motion Detector with Integrated Camera is activated upon movement when the detector is armed. Images are sent via the Ethernet or Cellular signal to a monitoring station where staff can view, verify and respond accordingly. The PG9934P is capable of operating in total darkness, making it the ideal tool for delivering visual alarm verification under any circumstance.

Also part of the PowerG series are the PG9938 Wireless PowerG Panic Keyand the PG9939 Wireless PowerG 4-Button Key. The PG9938 is a portable personal protection device, while the 4-Button model combines security system management, allowing users to arm and disarm the system or call for help.

Two sirens are included in the series: The PG9911 Wireless PowerG Outdoor Siren and the PG9901 Wireless PowerG Indoor Siren. Both feature differentiated audible and visual alerts for fire, carbon monoxide, burglary and flood events.

The PG9975 Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact provides perimeter protection when installed on common intrusion points such as doors and windows by reporting opening and closings to the security system. The PG9920 Wireless PowerG Repeater significantly extends the communication range between the alarm system and other PowerG devices, forwarding messages from these wireless PowerG devices to the control panel.

“The introduction of our PowerG line of detectors speaks to our on-going commitment to growing and our wireless intrusion product portfolio for both the residential and commercial markets,” said Tim Myers, Director of Product Management, Tyco Security Products. “Dealers and end users who want the flexibility, ease of installation, reliability and robustness that our new PowerG wireless devices provide, now have a complete line from which to choose.”

For more information on DSC’s newest PowerG-capable products, visit www.dsc.com or visit the Tyco Security Products booth 20011 at ISC West in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and Convention Center April 2-4, 2014.


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Honeywell's IS3000 and DT8000 Series Motion Detectors

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6400 Series Exit Stopper

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April 29, 2014 – STI’s Exit Stopper continues to help solve the problems of unauthorized exits and entries of fire or emergency doors. The multifunction door alarm is excellent in helping increase workplace security.

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PA-6800 Series Ceiling Mount PIR Sensors

Product From Takex

The PA-6800 series of ceiling mount PIR sensors from TAKEX combine a discreet compact appearance with outstanding performance at a low price. The sensor can be snapped in and out of the detachable base unit for easy installation in high places.

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PB-IN-HF Series Intelligent Quad Photoelectric Beams

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The TAKEX PB-IN-HF series Intelligent Quad Photoelectric Beams are industry leading performers available in ranges from 165 Feet/50 Meters, 330 Feet/100Meters & 660 Feet/200 Meters. Each features high performance Double-Modulated infrared light sources, a Resonance Filter to remove unwanted background noise, TAKEX Beams have 50,000 Lux of external light immunity, Phase Locked Loop monitors performance in changing environmental conditions, Auto-Gain Lock allows high tolerance of signal degradation before issuing an alarm, Auto-Gain Control allows the photo beam receiver to increase its sensitivity up to 300% to maintain protection integrity, Environmental Alarm Output can signal when 80% of infrared signal is lost providing pre-warning due to fog or other environmental disturbances, 4-Channel Frequency Selection allows the stacking of beams as well as the installation of beams within close proximity of one another without worrying about crosstalk interference.

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EA100 Exit Annunciator

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SDC’s EA100 Exit Annunciator is a multi-mode signaling device that visibly communicates the status of the door opening by color and sequence. With a 180° viewing angle, it can be mounted on the magnetic lock of any manufacturer or on the door frame, wall, ceiling or nurse’s desk. 

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Wireless Exit Stopper (STI-V6400WIR4)

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Notifier First Command Emergency Communication System

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Siren & Strobe from Vedard Security Electronics Export Trade Enterprise

Product From Vedard Security Electronics Export Trade Enterprise

* It is used for courtyard, perimeter protection 

* It can be equipped with wireless beams

* Uses high powered LED lamp

* Controlled by remotes

 The wireless solar powered siren & strobe can work with a panel by two way communication or it can 

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Need to know when motion is detected in a monitored area? STI’s new Wireless Indoor Motion Detector Alert with 4-Channel Voice Receiver (STI-V34700) conveniently lets you know when the sensor detects movement.

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