afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions

afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions

afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions Product Image

Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2014) – American Fibertek Inc. (afi) is debuting several new enhanced analog fiber products at ISC West (Booth #10072) designed to provide a range of options for the features, functions and cost of fiber transmission systems.

“Because there is no one-size-fits-all video surveillance or security system solution, installers and end users are looking for transmission systems that will match up to a particular deployment,” said Jack Fernandes, president and CEO of afi. “By providing a choice in terms of number and type of channel, size, cost and more, we’ve made selecting the right fiber solution for the right job a much less difficult task.”

The 489 Series Single Channel Bi-directional Contact Closure System offers a single contact closure on one optical fiber, the low-profile, cost-effective 489 Series consists of two transceivers that form a point-to-point communications link.  This allows for simultaneously transmitting and receiving one contact channel over one or two multimode optical fibers. Diagnostic indicators that provide quick, convenient visual indication of system status make the 489 Series incredibly easy to install.

afi’s 499 Series Two Channel Bi-directional Contact Closure System provides the ability to transmit and receive two contact channels over one multimode optical fibers. Like the 489 Series, the low-profile 499 Series consists of two transceivers that form a point-to-point communications link and is easy to install, with diagnostic indicators that provide a quick visual indication of system status.

The 9P59SL Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceiver 1 Multi-Protocol Data and 1 Contact Enclosure provides support for multiple protocols – RS485, RS422, RS232 or Manchester. The units offer flexibility and choice of data channel for transmitting one channel on one multimode optical fiber using WDM. The 9P59SL Series provides an optical loss budget of 15 dB and requires no field adjustments and is maintenance-free. 

The 9P88 Series Fiber Two Channel Bi-directional Transceiver Digital 24 Bit Audio provides two bidirectional high-quality 24-bit digital audio channels on one multimode optical fiber. The units offer state-of-the-art audio transmission capable of providing an optical loss budget of 15 dB. Adjustment-free, it requires no maintenance. The 9P88 Series diagnostic indicators provide quick visual indication of system status (audio, power and optical presence).

Our 9P89 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceiver 1 Digital 24 Bit Audio and 1 Contact Enclosure offers one digital 24-bit audio and one contact enclosure for bi-directional transmission of high-quality audio and contact closure channels. The 9P89 Series provides a 15 dB optical loss budget and the system is easy to install, with no adjustment necessary and with no required ongoing maintenance.

afi’s 9PXXX Platform Single Fiber Three Channel Bi-directional Transceiver Digital 24 Bit Audio or Multi-Protocol Data or Contact Closure is capable of transmitting up to three channels on one multimode optical fiber, the American Fibertek 9PXXX platform allows users to select any combination of audio, data or contact channels. The 9PXXX platform provides an optical loss budget of 21 dB and requires no field adjustments at installation or additional maintenance afterward.


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Fire Alarm Cable

Product From Vericom Global Solutions

Vericom Global Solutions, a leading manufacturer of HDMI cablesTV mounts and structured cabling, is pleased to offer 1,000 foot pull boxes of fire alarm cable.  Vericom fire alarm cable are composed of copper wires contained inside of a FPLR rated red jacket.  All models of Vericom fire alarm cable are approved for 300 volts, with a temperature range of -10°C to 75°C.

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IP68 Cat5e Armored Cable Assemblies

Product From L-com

NORTH ANDOVER, MA - 09/11/14 - L-com Global Connectivity, a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that their most durable and rugged Cat5e cable line just got even tougher with the introduction of their new metal armored TRD8RGMT line.

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Feed-through patch panels

Product From Cablesys

Fullerton, California - Cablesys introduces the new 24 port, 1RMU feed-through patch panels.


With RJ-45 ports on both sides, the feed-through patch panels are ideal for existing data centers which require additional patching. The feed-through patch panels are less messy than traditional punch down patch panels and even perform better. If used with Cablesys high performance patch cords, they will surpass Channel or Permanent Link performance standards per ANSI/TIA-568.  Panels are easy to install by IT professionals and mounting screws are included.

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Patch Panel Line

Product From ComCables

comCables is pleased to announce the newest patch panel additions to their product line. comCables’ Cat 5E 110 Style 12 Port Mini Patch Panel, Cat 6 110 Style 12 Port Mini Patch Panel, 24 Port Unloaded Modular 1U Patch Panel and 48 Port Unloaded Modular 2U Patch Panel all aim to add strong value to comCables existing product line and brand. The Cat 5E 110 and Cat 6 110 Style 12 Port Mini Patch Panels are constructed of high impact, flame resistant plastic. New raised, D-style mounting brackets allow for more efficient cable routing and easier access to a terminated panel when troubleshooting. Its unique ID windows are hinged to prevent loss and for easy identification.

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Milestone Systems' Husky Hybrid NVRs

Product From Milestone Systems

The new Milestone Husky™ Hybrid Series of network video recorders (NVRs) makes the transition from analog to IP easier and more affordable than ever. Milestone Husky Hybrid NVRs have integrated encoders that enable users to work with their existing analog cameras and switch to digital cameras over time. Highlights include: 1) only one hardware device license is required for each encoder, regardless of the number of cameras connected to it; 2) award-winning Milestone XProtect

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LILIN's CMD2422 Series HD 360-Degree Analog Dome Camera

Product From LILIN

ARCADIA, CA, OCTOBER 7, 2014 -- LILIN North America, the US entity of IP video provider Merit LILIN, has combined the cost-effectiveness of analog cameras with the powerful effectiveness of 360° panoramic video surveillance in the new CMD2422 series HD two-megapixel sensor dome camera for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Vivotek's Convenient Retail Solution

Product From Vivotek

Taipei, Taiwan – VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that its Convenient Retail Solution is now available on the market. In the face of challenging economic conditions, VIVOTEK recognizes the demands of retail market customers and has responded by developing the cost-effective and user-friendly “Convenient Retail Solution”.The state-of-the-art solution comprises the ND8321, an 8-channel plug-and-play network video recorder, elegantly designed ultra-mini bullet network cameras, and ultra-mini dome network cameras. The solution is especially ideal for retail outlets like convenience stores, boutique stores, restaurants, and clothing stores.

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Middle Atlantic Products' Series Protection and 2-Stage Compact Surge Devices

Product From Middle Atlantic Products

Fairfield, NJ––The new Series Protection™ and 2-Stage Compact Surge Devices from Middle Atlantic Products establish new industry standards for reduced size, rapid response time and comprehensive surge protection.

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Q6045-E PTZ Dome Network Camera

Product From Axis Communications

AXIS Q6045-E is a top-of-the-line, outdoor-ready PTZ dome offering HDTV 1080p, 20x optical zoom, and fast and precise pan/tilt performance for wide area coverage and great detail when zooming in. It is ideal for city surveillance applications where autotracking, gate keeper, and other intelligent video features are optimal.

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Arecont Vision’s 4K MegaVideo Cameras

Product From Arecont Vision

Atlanta, GA (September 29, 2014) – Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP megapixel camera technology, is providing live demonstrations of the next generation of multi-megapixel imaging here at ASIS (booth# 337). The company’s new MegaVideo® 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera provides a total resolution of 8.3-megapixels (MP) at 30 frames per second (fps) to deliver spectacular images. The camera’s exceptional resolution and fast frame rates are ideal for mission critical applications where the fastest and most subtle movements need to be captured.

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