afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions

afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions

afi Enhanced Analog Fiber Solutions Product Image

Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2014) – American Fibertek Inc. (afi) is debuting several new enhanced analog fiber products at ISC West (Booth #10072) designed to provide a range of options for the features, functions and cost of fiber transmission systems.

“Because there is no one-size-fits-all video surveillance or security system solution, installers and end users are looking for transmission systems that will match up to a particular deployment,” said Jack Fernandes, president and CEO of afi. “By providing a choice in terms of number and type of channel, size, cost and more, we’ve made selecting the right fiber solution for the right job a much less difficult task.”

The 489 Series Single Channel Bi-directional Contact Closure System offers a single contact closure on one optical fiber, the low-profile, cost-effective 489 Series consists of two transceivers that form a point-to-point communications link.  This allows for simultaneously transmitting and receiving one contact channel over one or two multimode optical fibers. Diagnostic indicators that provide quick, convenient visual indication of system status make the 489 Series incredibly easy to install.

afi’s 499 Series Two Channel Bi-directional Contact Closure System provides the ability to transmit and receive two contact channels over one multimode optical fibers. Like the 489 Series, the low-profile 499 Series consists of two transceivers that form a point-to-point communications link and is easy to install, with diagnostic indicators that provide a quick visual indication of system status.

The 9P59SL Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceiver 1 Multi-Protocol Data and 1 Contact Enclosure provides support for multiple protocols – RS485, RS422, RS232 or Manchester. The units offer flexibility and choice of data channel for transmitting one channel on one multimode optical fiber using WDM. The 9P59SL Series provides an optical loss budget of 15 dB and requires no field adjustments and is maintenance-free. 

The 9P88 Series Fiber Two Channel Bi-directional Transceiver Digital 24 Bit Audio provides two bidirectional high-quality 24-bit digital audio channels on one multimode optical fiber. The units offer state-of-the-art audio transmission capable of providing an optical loss budget of 15 dB. Adjustment-free, it requires no maintenance. The 9P88 Series diagnostic indicators provide quick visual indication of system status (audio, power and optical presence).

Our 9P89 Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceiver 1 Digital 24 Bit Audio and 1 Contact Enclosure offers one digital 24-bit audio and one contact enclosure for bi-directional transmission of high-quality audio and contact closure channels. The 9P89 Series provides a 15 dB optical loss budget and the system is easy to install, with no adjustment necessary and with no required ongoing maintenance.

afi’s 9PXXX Platform Single Fiber Three Channel Bi-directional Transceiver Digital 24 Bit Audio or Multi-Protocol Data or Contact Closure is capable of transmitting up to three channels on one multimode optical fiber, the American Fibertek 9PXXX platform allows users to select any combination of audio, data or contact channels. The 9PXXX platform provides an optical loss budget of 21 dB and requires no field adjustments at installation or additional maintenance afterward.


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CS7D37PB mini-strip camera

Product From Advanced Technology Video

Coppell, TX – July 8, 2014 –Advanced Technology Video (ATV) a leading provider of innovative video surveillance solutions announces the release of its new mini-strip covert camera as its newest addition to the ATV Specialty Series product line.

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Hikvision Turbo HD Analog solution

Product From Hikvision

Analog CCTV users can now enjoy HD resolution while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure with Hikvision's launch of its Turbo HD Analog solution. This revolutionary technology supports latency-free

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ComNet's Reliance RLFDX Series Serial Data Link

Product From Comnet

Danbury, CT. Sept. 12, 2014, ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, a USA-based manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, has further expanded the Reliance line by introducing the RLFDX Series of substation-rated fiber optic RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 2/4 Wire, & TTL Logic Data Link/Repeater. The ComNet Reliance RLFDX Series of products are made in the USA and are a direct replacement for the Garrettcom/Dymec5800 series of serial data over optical fiber products.  The Reliance RLFDX products can be used wherever those products were previously used.

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LENSEC's Perspective Network Video Appliance

Product From Lensec

Houston, September 8, 2014 – LENSEC is announcing a new Network Video Appliance (NVA) that will be sold  exclusively by Ingram Micro through their Physical Security channel. LENSEC is showcasing the product at the  Ingram Micro Fall ONE Event in Las Vegas later this month. The Perspective NVA will be on display in the New and Emerging Vendors’ Pavilion at the Fall ONE Event Solutions Showcase. 

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BCDVideo's 84TB Nova Series Video Recording Platform

Product From BCDVideo

NORTHBROOK, IL – Today, BCDVideo released an 84TB model of their Nova Series video recording platform. This new capability allows BCDVideo’s BCD380V8-M system to manage up to 73TB of RAID 5 useable internal video storage, a 150% capacity increase, while still only using two rack spaces.

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BCDVideo expands video storage product line

Product From BCDVideo

NORTHBROOK, IL – BCDVideo has expanded its enterprise-grade product line of Video Recording Platforms (VRPs) with HP’s introduction of 6TB hard drives. The Nova Series now boasts new models as well as 150% greater storage capacities on existing VRPs.

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Secura Key Access Control Software Integrated with Hikvision VMS Platforms

Product From Secura Key

Secura Key and Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance equipment, announce the integration of Secura Key’s SK-NET™ Access Control Software with Hikvision’s Video Management Systems, which are used for CCTV video recording and streaming. The integration allows the user to view video clips related to access control or intrusion events, as well as live video with PTZ control and provides comparison of live-vs-stored cardholder images as the event occurs.

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DVTEL's Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera

Product From DVTel, Inc

DVTEL, INC., the video surveillance solutions provider, announced today its new Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera line, a core component of the “DVTEL 4K Certified Solutions.” The camera line will consist of advanced mini-dome and bullet form factors.

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Toshiba'a G6 Recording Servers

Product From Toshiba

IRVINE, CA, SEPTEMBER 4, 2014 -- Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products, a business unit of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., has taken a major step forward in the realization of fully networked video surveillance with the introduction today of its sixth generation ("G6") of professional-grade hardware recording servers. 

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Sony's SNC-VB632D Day/Night IP Camera

Product From Sony

PARK RIDGE, N.J. – Sept. 2, 2014 Sony Electronics announced today the company’s latest outdoor IP camera, the SNC-VB632D.  It is a full HD infrared bullet camera with a dual lighting system featuring an infrared (IR) illuminator and a white LED illuminator.  The camera can be configured to automatically switch from IR black and white mode to LED color mode when motion is detected, enabling it to generate clear video under dark conditions in either black and white or color.

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