KMICE0x adaptive module for Edge Security Suite

KMICE0x adaptive module for Edge Security Suite

KMICE0x adaptive module for Edge Security Suite Product Image

FULLERTON, Calif., Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the rampant spread of the Kaptoxa Malware, Milton Security Group is unveiling a breakthrough evolution of its Edge Security suite of products aimed at thwarting the threat known to have affected numerous retail giants such as Target Stores, Neiman Marcus, Michaels and countless other organizations.

The new add-on adaptive module, code-named KMICE0x, proactively finds and blocks the resilient malware's numerous avenues of infiltration, by applying new proprietary algorithms while simultaneously scanning all nodes of the network it protects.

According to some reports, the attackers were able to get the Kaptoxa Malware installed on Target's Point of Sale (PoS) systems by way of a 3rd party HVAC contractor with unfettered access to the entire network systems of Target stores nationwide.  Designed to thwart such intrusion, the Edge7200 Adaptive Security Appliance's countermeasures would have been uniquely suited to block the malware from installing itself onto any system within the network.

While only thrust into the public limelight in recent weeks, Milton Security experts have estimated that the impact of this threat may reach further back in time across many more retailers than has been reported thus-far.

The release of the Milton new adaptive module KMICE0x,  comes at a perfect time for organizations seeking preventative measures from an existing and growing threat. Milton Security strongly cautions businesses against the devastating impact of such sensitive data breaches to a brand's identity and public relations most often resulting in scarring revenue losses.

"Prevention is the key to network security," stated Jim McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group. "Protecting customer and employee data should be a top priority.  Companies need to know whether or not they're already infected in order to prevent embarrassment and losses in the future. Companies of every size need to be investing in security solutions. Trust is imperative between any business and its customers."

In addition to incalculable business and operational disruptions, experts already estimate existing damages and liabilities in the hundreds of millions of dollars. With similarly-vulnerable point-of-sale systems widely deployed across hospitals, government entities and schools, the urgency and critical importance of preventative measures cannot be overstated.

About Milton Security Group Inc.:

Milton Security Group Inc, strives to make Network Security within the reach of all businesses. Milton Security has designed and developed a growing suite of security solutions, all of which are tailored for the individual customer, as each network is unique.

For more information about Milton Security Group, please visit

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