SimplexGrinnel's 4007ES Fire Alarm Panel

SimplexGrinnel's 4007ES Fire Alarm Panel

SimplexGrinnel's 4007ES Fire Alarm Panel Product Image

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (June 9, 2014) – Furthering its commitment to bring customers the benefits of technology and innovation, Tyco SimplexGrinnell is introducing the Simplex 4007ES – a small, expandable fire alarm panel offering features and functionality normally associated with large systems.

Designed specifically for small- and mid-sized projects, the Simplex 4007ES panel meets a key market need and expands Tyco SimplexGrinnell’s eServices capabilities. eServices is the integrated suite of technology and service capabilities that greatly enhances the overall value and cost efficiency that Tyco SimplexGrinnell can provide in fire and life-safety environments.

The Simplex 4007ES panel, being demonstrated for the first time at the Tyco SimplexGrinnell booth (#1225) at the NFPA Expo in Las Vegas, can provide reliable, cost-effective protection for new construction, upgrade projects and retrofit applications. At the same time, the 4007ES panel can connect customers to the value-added benefits of eServices technology – more design flexibility, easier installation, improved operational efficiency, robust data management and reporting, and lower life-cycle costs.

“The introduction of the Simplex 4007ES panel represents a key advancement in technology and our ability to serve the needs of customers in the small- and mid-sized market,” said John Haynes, Global Director of Simplex products, Tyco Fire Protection Products. “The new panel enables us to use addressable technology to deliver game-changing features and value while also supporting customers looking for cost-efficient, forwarding-looking retrofit solutions. As a technology leader, Tyco is excited to bring the industry a small panel with large panel capabilities.”

The Simplex 4007ES comes in two distinct models and with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display, enabling buildings owners, facility managers, architects and engineers to meet the range of fire and life-safety protection needs in small schools, medical office buildings, strip malls, restaurants and other similarly sized applications.

Simplex 4007ES Addressable Panel: This panel brings the benefits of TrueInsight remote fire alarm system diagnostics and TrueAlert ES addressable notification to new construction projects. TrueInsight Remote Service alerts expert Tyco SimplexGrinnell technicians to system issues and upcoming maintenance needs, such as detectors that will soon need cleaning. For TrueInsight customers, Tyco SimplexGrinnell provides increased uptime, fewer disruptions and a 90% first-time fix rate for resolving system issues. TrueAlert ES notification, the family of addressable notification appliances from Tyco SimplexGrinnell, offers exceptional design and installation flexibility, revolutionary self-testing capability, and lower overall costs of ownership.

Simplex 4007ES Hybrid Panel: Combining conventional and addressable technology, this model is ideal for upgrades and retrofit projects. It enables customers to connect a Simplex 4007ES panel to a conventional, hard-wired fire alarm system. This 4007ES hybrid panel can leverage existing wiring infrastructure and peripheral devices while also providing an easy, cost-effective path to ultimately convert the system to addressable technology.


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Fire-Lite Alarms' Lite-Connect Multi-Mode Fiber Solution

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PFC-6006 Sprinkler Monitoring Panel

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Gamewell-FCI's S3 Series Fire Alarm Control Panel

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NORTHFORD, Conn., August 28, 2013 - Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell today introduced the S3 Series fire alarm control panel, the industry’s first small, addressable system that features an intuitive, touch-screen display to simplify system use for facility managers and first responders. Whether used as a standalone system or part of an extensive network serving the fire protection and emergency communication needs of a multi-building campus, the S3 Series ensures straightforward operation, particularly during stressful emergency events.

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Siemens Industry, Inc.’s Building Technologies Division is introducing product
enhancements to its FireFinder XLS fire panel. The responsive intelligent fire detection
system, which can be networked and configured with or without optional voice

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Fire Alarm Control Panel Expansion Cards from Potter

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Potter Electric Signal Co.'s Fire Alarm Control Panel Expansion Cards unique Stacker Bracket design allows unparalleled expandability within several Potter PFC panels where multiple expansion cards can be mounted within the enclosure. The Optional Rack Mount Enclosure allows the expansion cards to be network ready for remote Ethernet communication connections, fiber optic cabling interfaces, or connections to a printer in a convenient form factor that integrates into existing I.T. infrastructure.

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PFC-6800 Analog Addressable FACP from Potter

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Potter Electric Signal Co.’s PFC-6800 Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) includes the following features:
• Supports a maximum of 1,016 addressable points
• 10A NAC power supply
• 6 Class A or 6 Class B NACs

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Silent Knight 5820XL-EVS

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The 5820XL-EVS from Silent Knight is an intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel combined with an Emergency Voice System (EVS). When the EVS features are enabled, they are integrated with the fire alarm and voice evacuation functions of the control panel. The 5820XL-EVS panel and accessories provide features to meet the requirements for Mass Notification Systems as described in UL 2572.

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Napco Gemini Commercial is the award-winning, Go-To platform for scalable integrated commercial intrusion/fire and access systems, adaptable from addressable to conventional, wireless to hardwire, waterflow and fire, intrusion or a combination, even an economical access and badging option. Innovative built ins and value-adds, including pre-isolated circuits, extra power, more NACs and onboard dual-DACT saves equipment costs & labor all around. TCP/IP reporting option for dramatic phoneline cost savings, ideal for schools and campuses protecting people and property. Take a free CEU-accredited class near you on online, or check it out on our bi-weekly Overview Webinar Tuesdays at 10am (EST), visit NAPCO or ASIS Booth 1301.

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