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  • Converting Corporate Data Into a Single-Badge Solution

    As companies expand through financial growth, acquisitions and mergers, they often add facilities in other locations to enhance their market position. Because our business environment is expanding beyond the United States into the global market, new...

    Article • January 1st, 2004

  • Home Users: Friend or Foe?

    As a security professional I have had the opportunity to attend, appear on panels for and speak at security-related conferences and trade group meetings. It is always exciting to learn about the latest trends in the security field and to network with...

    Article • January 1st, 2004

  • Weighing the Contactless Cost

    If an access control system can combine convenience with a high level of integrity it will be popular with end users, many of whose employees may view security as nothing more than an unavoidable obstacle in their daily working lives. But for any access...

    Article • January 1st, 2004

  • Wireless: The Future of Access Control

    Flexible, convenient and reliable, wireless is positioned to make its mark on the access control market.

    Article • October 1st, 2003

  • Biometrics in an Integrated System

    Why isn't biometrics working in some applications, and what can you do about it?

    Article • October 1st, 2003

  • Biometrics 101: A Primer for Physical Access Control

    Biometrics 101: A Primer for Physical Access Control By Debra Spitler The world of physical access control was altered by the events of September 11, 2001, as veterans of this industry will attest. Prior to that time, physical access...

    Article • February 1st, 2003

  • Campus Security: Not Your Average Challenge

    Providing adequate security for college and university campuses is a much more difficult task than it is for other types of facilities, such as business buildings. While most businesses run during normal business hours, students come and go freely on a...

    Article • March 1st, 2002

  • The Professor Says Safety First

    Access Control Systems In Schools

    Article • February 1st, 2001

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