Access Identity Columns & Features Archive

  • Beefed up and ready to go

    Access control stands front and center with convergence and integration

    Article • December 3rd, 2009

  • Do You Know Your Smart Card Technology?

    For almost 15 years, contactless RFID cards and tags have been changing the access control landscape. While the market has grown exponentially over that period, it is only recently that the cards and readers have evolved from simply transmitting numbers...

    Article • October 19th, 2009

  • BASIC airport security

    Airport consortium working to develop industry standard for biometric access control

    Article • September 29th, 2009

  • Paxton Access ramps up U.S. presence

    Bob McKee hired to lead sales and marketing as company makes push into North America

    Article • September 14th, 2009

  • Does 1/4-inch Really Matter?

    In today’s tough economic climate, everyone’s looking to save time and labor. Hardware manufacturers know they have to provide tangible solutions the installing community can sink their teeth into and transfer out into the field in the way of new...

    Article • July 25th, 2009

  • Video Analytics: Ready For Prime Time?

    The often-maligned technology is making strides

    Article • May 20th, 2009

  • Two Worlds Converge

    A look at the role of smart cards and biometrics in today’s converging physical and logical access control systems

    Article • May 12th, 2009

  • Understanding card-connected access control systems

    Asked to control access at unwired points? Card-connected access control has some answers

    Article • May 5th, 2009

  • TWIC update: Initiative prepares for pilot projects

    Port security program examines biometrics applications, throughput issues and threat levels

    Article • May 4th, 2009

  • Q&A with TSA on TWIC program

    Port security program creates flash pass, but aspires to do much more

    Article • April 28th, 2009

  • Access Systems Core to Integrated Security Solutions

    Developments in technology and integration pace industry dynamics

    Article • April 27th, 2009

  • Access control meets parking management

    How to expand your security efficiency by linking building access control with parking management

    Article • April 7th, 2009

  • Access control convergence gets real on ISC West show floor

    Traditional access control vendors making strides for linking physical and logical solutions

    Article • April 3rd, 2009

  • Web-based Access Control—What Integrators Need to Know

    The case for replacing lock-and-key systems is clear-cut: lost and stolen keys present a risk; there are no records of user access or unauthorized attempts, there's no control over when users can enter; and no lock-down capability. Before deciding on an...

    Article • March 29th, 2009

  • The Benefits of Deep Integration

    Today’s developing technology in the security industry is about providing one system, one solution. Access control and digital video are two of the main technological components that serve the best integrated solution for the end-user. Look at...

    Article • March 8th, 2009