Access & Identity Product Archive

  • Nexgen XT electronic cylinder

    Medeco has added the Nexgen XT electronic cylinder to its Smart SFIC Solutions line. The cylinder enables facilities that use small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders to quickly and easily retrofit with an electronic cylinder. Features include...

    Product • July 1st, 2011

  • Value line mortise cylinder

    Arrow Lock, an Assa Abloy company, has introduced its Value line mortise cylinder, a cost-effective cylinder intended for use in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings where security, durability and low maintenance are required. The 1 1/8-inch...

    Product • July 1st, 2011

  • S31 and S33 global safety padlocks

    Master Lock Company has introduced a global safety padlock designed specifically for lockout applications, identification, weather resistance and keying capabilities. The S31 key retaining and S33 non-key retaining global safety padlocks have shackles...

    Product • July 1st, 2011

  • GT Series

    Improving upon its current multi-tenant systems, the GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a maximum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with PanTilt...

    Product • June 27th, 2011

  • Tomsed THT-100

    Boon Edam Inc., has unveiled the redesigned Tomsed THT-100 full-height turnstile, which introduces several functional and aesthetic improvements to increase visual appeal, security and durability and facilitate efficient installation. New features include...

    Product • June 22nd, 2011

  • Schalge ECK400 Elevator Kit

    The kit, which includes the panel interface module (PIM), wireless reader interface, antenna and 12 VDC transformer, makes installation easy. The antenna attaches to the ceiling of the elevator shaft, the wireless reader installs on the top of the...

    Product • June 20th, 2011

  • Global Safety Padlocks

    The S31 and S33 safety padlocks have shackles that are 4.76 mm (3/16") in diameter, which can be applied to smaller lockout points on machinery often found in Europe, Australia and Asia. No longer is there a need to research and spec a different...

    Product • June 8th, 2011

  • MR-1824

    The MR-1824 series is a mid-range proximity reader at an economical price.

    Product • June 8th, 2011

  • LR-2000

    Operating in the license-free 902-928 MHz UHF Band, The LR-2000 has read ranges of up to 20 feet making this reader optimally suited to Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and access control applications such as parking entry and gate control.

    Product • June 7th, 2011

  • 5800RPS Wireless Recessed Transmitter

    Honeywell has released the 5800RPS Wireless Recessed Transmitter. Super compact at only ¾-inch D x 1-inch L, the 5800RPS is concealed after installation and is the smallest wireless recessed transmitter on the market. Ideal for ornate doors, wood or...

    Product • May 19th, 2011

  • HP3000 tubular Lock

    The HP3000 tubular Lock with push/pull paddle trim from Corbin Russwin provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to products with standard push/pull trim. Its heavy-duty design and ANSI/BHMA Grade1 strength help it to withstand abuse from rigorous...

    Product • May 19th, 2011

  • Ford Side Mill Keys

    Ford is moving the majority of vehicle platforms to a global key design over the next several years. The first vehicle to feature the side mill key design is the 2011 Fiesta. STRATTEC also has ignition and door repair kits available. The 2012 Focus...

    Product • May 19th, 2011

  • Mailbox Lock

    The mailbox lock from CCL Security Products features a diecast cylinder with nickel plated face; brass pins and spring steel locking clip. It can eliminate stocking of individual locks. All cylinders rotate 90° clockwise to open. Other features include...

    Product • May 19th, 2011

  • BioTrust biometric logon software

    3M Cogent’s BioTrust® biometric logon software is a fast, easy, and secure way to replace your Windows® computer logon. Your face or fingerprint replaces the traditional username and password logon. Just sit down in front of your computer or swipe...

    Product • May 19th, 2011

  • M32 Series Magnalock

    The M32 Series Magnalock from Securitron Magnalock features 600 lbs. of holding force with automatic dual voltage. Recommended for applications where physical assault on the door is not expected, such as access controlled interior rooms and secure areas...

    Product • May 19th, 2011