Perimeter Security Product Archive

  • Omnitrax

    Omnitrax is the world's leading covert buried cable detection system that forms a volumetric field and can locate intruders to within 1 meter. Integrates well with many command and control systems and is ideal for use where a covert protection is required...

    Product • January 27th, 2010

  • HARRIER Airspace and Marine Surveillance Radar Systems

    DeTect's radar processing technology developed specifically for detection and tracking of non-cooperative, small, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving targets make it one of the most sensitive, low cost radar systems on the market today for l

    Product • January 12th, 2010

  • AutoVu 3.0

    Genetec announces the release of AutoVu 4.3, the newest version of its IP license plate recognition solution. In order to improve operational efficiency, AutoVu 4.3 offers new features and functionalities such as real-time alarming and email notification...

    Product • January 6th, 2010

  • Green perimeter security solutions

    New barricades, gates designed to be operated manually or run on vegetable oils

    Product • December 2nd, 2009

  • Standalone Door/Gate Control with Audit Trail

    The compact standalone Door/Gate Control with Audit Trail from Dortronics Systems Inc. controls one or two doors using secure EZ-Prox cards, key fobs or the Dortronics #8160xWG heavy-duty keypad. Users can be programmed in or out of the system at the...

    Product • October 13th, 2009

  • Temporary Control Portal

    ATEC Security's control portal is housed in a solid steel freight container, has turnstiles operated by access cards and the latest CCTV over IP integrated into the box, providing full access control. Ideal for temporary sites, such as summer festivals or...

    Product • October 13th, 2009

  • RLC-TS Remote Lane Touch Screen Controller

    The RLC-TS Remote Lane Touch Screen Controller from Delta Turnstile Controls enables intuitive control and status monitoring of the supplier's optical turnstile lanes. The controllers can be integrated with pure optical turnstiles, swing arm optical...

    Product • October 13th, 2009

  • SmartLane

    SmartLane, a third-generation optical portal line from Automatic Systems, optimizes throughput while at the same time managing the detection of adults, children, disabled individuals and even accessories like luggage without human intervention. It is...

    Product • October 13th, 2009

  • INTREPID Detection Sensors

    INTREPID intelligent perimeter detection sensors, offering systems integrators and end-users an integrated, multi-technology solution to address diverse outdoor perimeter security needs. The system, which provides fence, buried cable and digital microwave...

    Product • October 12th, 2009

  • Guardian Fence System

    The Guardian Fence System from Payne Fence Products features high-security electronic components, such as tamper detection and surveillance cabling, and can be fully integrated into the fence barrier. Because of the system's modular design, existing...

    Product • October 9th, 2009

  • Injection-molded polycarbonate Housings and steel gooseneck Pedestals

    The Housing Company LLC features injection-molded polycarbonate Housings and steel gooseneck Pedestals designed specifically for perimeter security, parking control and gated entry applications. The Housings are ideal for mounting of card readers...

    Product • October 9th, 2009

  • LiftMaster Variable Speed Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator (Model VSL 595)

    Chamberlain Professional Products has introduced the LiftMaster Variable Speed Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator (Model VSL 595). The unit is an ideal gate operator for commercial applications where securing an opening quickly and efficiently is vital to the...

    Product • October 8th, 2009

  • OptiStile 720

    Gunnebo Entrance Control Inc. has released the OptiStile 720 entrance control product, which incorporates customizable aesthetics to accent any entrance design. Features include variable glass shapes, style and color along with lid designs and custom...

    Product • October 8th, 2009

  • ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) bollard cameras

    Vista has released a new range of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) bollard cameras, designed to capture number plates for situations where entry/exit barriers are already in use. The cameras can be used as standalone units or in conjunction...

    Product • October 8th, 2009

  • Trilock 900

    Boon Edam has introduced the Trilock 900, which provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access. The unit features a reliable mechanism, stylish design and space-efficiency cabinet. A custom finish and modular concept enables the units to fit...

    Product • October 8th, 2009