Perimeter Security Product Archive

  • DSC 288 high security sliding gate

    Gate can stop a 15,000 pound truck traveling at 50 mph

    Product • December 8th, 2010

  • Tailgate Detector

    TDflex, TDtrap provide users with a minimal impact solution

    Product • August 30th, 2010

  • SUPERVISOR 5000 Optical Turnstile

    The SUPERVISOR 5000 from Alvarado features highly-reliable mechanics married with cutting-edge electronics and intuitive control software which enables end-users to control every aspect of their access control environment. Designed as the thinnest optical...

    Product • June 3rd, 2010

  • Net2 Number Plate Reader

    The Paxton Access Net2 number plate reader is designed to work with the supplier's Net2 access control software. Once the camera has been mounted to provide a clear view of the number plate, a data cable is wired from the camera to the reader port on...

    Product • June 2nd, 2010

  • XField

    The XField sensor from Senstar Inc., is a terrain-following volumetric sensor that creates an electrostatic field around a set of four or eight parallel field and sense wires that causes its processor to sense changes when events - such as intruders...

    Product • June 2nd, 2010

  • ADPRO Perimeter Surveillance Technology

    ADPRO by Xtralis Products can help you proactively identify threats before personnel, assets or operations are compromised - whether deployed as stand-alone products, in combination with existing security systems, or as a complete end-to-end solution...

    Product • June 2nd, 2010

  • AX-TFR Series

    The AX-TFR Series (100- and 200-foot models) from OPTEX is a revolution in the perimeter security industry, offering a significant cost-saving alternative to traditional hardwired systems. No trenching is required, drastically reducing installation costs...

    Product • June 2nd, 2010

  • Designer Series Gates

    Gates can be tailored to match the surrounding decor in a wide variety of architectural treatments

    Product • May 19th, 2010

  • Thermal Fence

    Perimeter alert system combines thermal cameras, full array of intrusion alert sensors, and connectivity/analytics software package

    Product • April 1st, 2010

  • Microwaves

    The Microwave Family of products – Senstar offers a full range of bi-static microwaves designed for stable, reliable operation in extreme outdoor environments with a coverage distance ranging from 600 ft. to 1500 feet. The models include the MPS-4100...

    Product • March 15th, 2010

  • ES8500 Mid-Size Optical Turnstile

    Designed Security Inc.'s ES8500 Mid-Size Optical Turnstile is designed for small to medium-sized lobbies and entryways and can handle a high volume of pedestrian traffic - up to 30 people per minute per lane. The new product takes the supplier's ES850...

    Product • February 23rd, 2010

  • Speedlane 300 Optical Turnstile

    Boon Edam's Speedlane 300 optical turnstiles provide pedestrian security, ensuring smooth and efficient access control in two directions. Uniquely designed with illuminated pivoting angel door wings and neutral stainless steel finish, the turnstile uses...

    Product • February 23rd, 2010

  • FiberCommander

    Fiber SenSys, Inc. has introduced FiberCommander command-and-control software, designed to monitor and control the supplier's fiber-optic sensors, sold under the Fiber Defender brand name. The software features an easy-to-use graphical user interface...

    Product • February 23rd, 2010

  • SabraFence

    Mace SabraFence is a cost-effective system for precision alarm monitoring of fenced, gated or walled perimeters. Its transducer-based cable design makes it quick to deploy onto barriers at lower cost than traditional buried cable- or fiber-based...

    Product • February 23rd, 2010

  • DSC1400 traffic control barrier

    Solution built especially for parking applications

    Product • February 10th, 2010