Video Surveillance Product Archive

  • V700 Series Cameras

    Cameras now provide digital noise reduction, better dynamic range

    Product • May 14th, 2010

  • NVR Viewer App

    Solution provides users with a full-featured mobile video surveillance app

    Product • May 10th, 2010

  • Omnicast Version 4.6

    Version 4.6 provides users with additional support for new hardware, enriched features

    Product • April 23rd, 2010

  • VBC100 and VBC200 Bullet Cameras

    New VBC100 and VBC200 provide users with quick and easy installation

    Product • April 23rd, 2010

  • XProtect Central 3.7

    VMS software optimizes operation of surveillance system components

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • ECOR264-4D1 DVR

    The ECOR264-4D1 DVR from Everfocus is a compact, four-channel DVR with GUI, built-in DVD burner and H.2564 compression. A built-in Web interface includes live view, playback and configuration support. Other features include: Pentaplex Operation...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • Kollector Bridge

    Vicon Industries Inc., has introduced the Kollector Bridge, a single-box solution to combine sophisticated video management software with integrated access control capabilities. The Bridge is a hybrid DVR that supports 16 analog and 8 IP or megapixel...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • eGuard Network Video Recorder

    Sentry 360's eGuard Network Video Recorder provides many features to improve the flexibility and scalability of the overall surveillance site structure. Separate locations can be united on a single control center screen, where specified presets can be...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • EV Lite series Digital Video Recorder

    NUVICO's entry-level EV Lite series Digital Video Recorder is based on the supplier's EV series. Available in four- and eight-channel models, the EVL-400 and EVL-800 all come equipped with H.264 compression, allowing for high picture quality while keeping...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • 3VR VIP P-Series Appliance

    3VR’s powerful, versatile and reliable P-Series features industry-leading video technology, advanced analytics and unmatched enterprise management and integration capabilities. The P-Series allows users to support up to 16 channels of embedded video...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • Integrated Camera Recording (ICR)

    Dedicated Micros' Integrated Camera Recording (ICR) capability combines recording capability and a full enterprise video server within a camera. Achieving fail safe, decentralized recording and video management, ICR reduces the 24/7 dependency on high...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • EnhanceBOX E400 MS and E800 MS desktop storage series

    Enhance Technology has released the EnhanceBOX E400 MS and E800 MS desktop storage series. Designed for SMBs, media library, desktop publishing, A/V post production and other high performance computing environments, the units are next-generation 3.5...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • 2.5-inch SATA hard drives

    As demand has increased for digital video storage, including high-definition (HD) video, and as the variety of video-systems configurations increases, Western Digital has expanded its line of hard drives for AV/DVR and surveillance applications to include...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • DX-TL5716U hybrid DVR

    Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Security Division's DX-TL5716U hybrid DVR is capable of capturing images from not only analog cameras, but from IP cameras as well. The unit is compatible with major IP camera suppliers, including Axis, Sony and...

    Product • April 19th, 2010

  • GuardallVision standalone digital video recorders (DVRs)

    Lenel Systems International's GuardallVision standalone digital video recorders (DVRs) combine the benefits of high-quality video with the power and convenience of embedded real-time analytics, including object detection, loitering, object left behind...

    Product • April 19th, 2010