Video Surveillance Product Archive

  • VK2-540VRD camera

    VK2-540VRD features H.264 compression and Power-over-Ethernet

    Product • August 13th, 2010

  • DaVinci DMVA2 video processor

    Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced the DaVinci DMVA2 video processor, enabling end-users to easily use integrated smart analytics. People counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata analytics...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • MediaWall 4500, 4200 and Superview 5000

    RGB Spectrum has expanded the capabilities of its video walls and multi-viewers, including the MediaWall 4500, 4200 and SuperView 5000 products, through the release of an HD-SDI Dual Input Module. The module offers an additional input source interface...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • A-80

    Optelecom-NKF's eight-channel Siqura A-80 offers a compact audio and contact closure (CC) solution for an existing or new CCTV system. The lip-synchronization solution is used in combination with the supplier's Siqura multi-channel video codecs. The audio...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • Pro Design

    Feeling Software has announced Pro Design, the latest product in its Omnipresence 3D suite of physical security applications. Designed for architecture & engineering (A&E) firms, security integrators and security directors, the software uses 3D floor...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • Video Synopsis

    BriefCam Ltd.'s Video Synopsis is a proprietary image-processing technology that creates synopses of original full-length surveillance videos. The software provides a complete representation of all events occurring during hours of video footage in a...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester

    XFTP by Trilithic has released the STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester for the installation and maintenance of closed circuit video monitoring systems. With a 3.5 inch LCD and the ability to adapt automatically to display video from NTSC or PAL cameras, the...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • Full HD Monitors

    Pelco's line of Full, High-Definition monitors are compatible with the supplier's Sarix camera line, as well as with third-party megapixel cameras. The family of 42-, 47-, and 52-inch Full HD displays deliver optimal performance while being energy...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • DVR Security Enclosure

    Available in small, medium and large sizes, the DVR Security Enclosure from Chatsworth Products Inc. protects DVRs and other security equipment from accidental damage, theft or vandalism when positioned outside of the equipment room. Solid and sturdy, the...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • Vari-Focal lens line

    Tamron USA Inc. has developed two models of a 1/3-inch format 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Vari-Focal lens that are IR-corrected while supporting 650 TV-line resolution performance. Model 13VM308ASIRII features a manual iris; while the 13VG308ASIRII features a DC auto...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • S-TYPE 12V COOLDOME™ Active Cooling Camera Enclosure

    Engineered to protect all brands and camera models in tough hot environments or where heat damage can occur. The Dotworkz S-Type COOLDOME™ 12V actively cools all internal components including cameras, wireless radios, switches, NVR's and other system...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • Single- and Multi-Port Encoders and Edge Devices

    Verint Systems Inc. recently introduced a line of high-definition and H.264-enabled single- and multi-port edge devices. The solutions are designed to help organizations establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures. The Nextiva...

    Product • August 4th, 2010

  • NLSS HD Media Decoder

    Completely open, full HD decoder can display up to four simultaneous streams of 1080p video to a single monitor

    Product • July 30th, 2010

  • 10GbE server appliances

    New technology built into Maximum Flexibility Server Appliances, Maximum Choice Security Servers

    Product • July 30th, 2010

  • M10, M11 and M32 surveillance kits

    M10, M11 and M32 series bundles ideal for small and mid-sized businesses

    Product • July 26th, 2010