MPower Me Subscriber Access

Many companies offer home control and lifestyle products that give consumers the ability to control their alarm system and home automation services. However, none of them can tell your customers what happened during an alarm event. Was a correct passcode given? Were the authorities dispatched? Is everyone OK? MPower your customers and give them peace of mind by providing the information they are missing at the moment they need it most! In addition to viewing alarm history, you can choose to give your customers the ability to view their account information, passcodes, and responding party lists exactly the way the data exists in our monitoring system, place their account on test, call the central station, and request service. Whether your company has 1 account or 10,000, you have the opportunity to enhance your company's image and increase your level of service with your own mobile access private labeled with your company's brand, which could help you increase customer retention, brand awareness, and referral business! MPower Subscriber Access can be branded with your logo and customized with your company colors. You can also choose the access level and control which options appear for each customer. More information at: