Time on your side: Automating access control with digital mustering

Date: 03/12/15

Emergency preparedness and personnel tracking processes have been around for years. Yet it’s only recently that these typically arduous and manual processes have become automated, digitized and more widely adopted. Join experts from Avigilon... VIEW »

Retail security: Is your system ready for 2015?

Date: 12/09/14

The retail sector will face a unique and complex set of security requirements in 2015. In order to get the most out of your asset and loss prevention investment next year, it’s important to address these requirements head on. Join retail... VIEW »

More bang for your buck: Camera innovations drive efficient solutions

Date: 11/06/14

In the world of IP video security, it’s easy to get caught up in flashy terms used to showcase product features. Companies rarely explain the true impact and benefit to the buyer. Attend this webinar to connect innovations to benefits and to... VIEW »

Analytics in HD: Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Video Analytics and HD Surveillance

Date: 09/18/14

False liability claims, theft and property damage can cost an organization millions of dollars. High-definition surveillance solutions help address the issue by providing irrefutable evidence and deterring criminals. But what if instead of simply... VIEW »

The Affordable Care Act's Impact on Healthcare Security

Date: 06/12/14

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, has been a tremendous challenge for employers, insurance companies and healthcare organizations. The consequences of the law have also been felt within the security... VIEW »

A Safe and Integrated City

Date: 04/24/14

By 2050, it is projected that there will be 3.1 billion additional people living in cities as the trend toward urbanization continues with approximately 80 percent of the world’s GDP coming from urban centers. People are moving back to urban... VIEW »

Hardening campuses: Stopping threats before they materialize

Date: 04/10/14

Increasing threats of campus violence and its deadly consequences have been a media staple for more than two decades. The realities of an active shooter event on campus have heightened awareness among parents, teachers and administrators. But what... VIEW »

Securing Light Rails using Proxim WORP Technology

Date: 03/27/14

Learn how WORP dynamically allocates uplink and downlink based on application requirements and handoffs all applications seamlessly to maintain continuous CCTV communication with no delay, dropouts or pixelization. Also learn about the equipment... VIEW »

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Shares Secrets to Cutting Safety Risks, Securing the Hospital

Date: 03/13/14

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is internationally recognized for improving child health and transforming delivery of care through fully integrated, globally recognized research, education and innovation. Learn the steps the... VIEW »

Surveillance in the new year: 5 trends for 2014

Date: 01/30/14

2014 is here, and with a new year, come new budgets and projects for security teams worldwide. As dramatic changes in technology begin to make their mark this year, the impact will be felt in the surveillance industry.  Join Willem Ryan, Senior... VIEW »

Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook

Date: 12/12/13

Last year’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. that left 20 children and six adults dead stunned the nation and forever changed the way we view school security. However, after a year of political rhetoric and... VIEW »

Surveillance on Black Friday: How Arden Fair Mall Reduced Theft by 60 Percent

Date: 11/14/13

With Black Friday around the corner, the security team at Sacramento's Arden Fair Mall is gearing up for the 100,000 shoppers expected to come through their doors. But heads of security Steve Reed and Nick Novo aren’t worried. With the help of... VIEW »

A Clearer Picture: Leveraging HD Video Technology to Improve Campus Safety

Date: 10/16/13

Des Moines Area Community College is the largest and fastest growing community college in Iowa, with 75,000 students and 3,000 staff members spread across six campuses and 48 buildings covering 1.4 million square feet. With a growing national focus... VIEW »

The Thermal Advantage: Security Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Date: 09/12/13

This webinar will take an in-depth look at today's common security product offerings, their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate thermal imaging as a solution to the limitations of these traditional products. Security and surveillance systems... VIEW »

Beyond the Pixels: The New Visibility ROI for Retail

Date: 08/28/13

In retail, we have come to associate technology like CCTV, remote monitoring and video analytics with catching bad guys, securing merchandise, and securing a retail store. With today’s new and evolving technologies and the complementary nature of... VIEW »

Ultra Resolution Surveillance

Date: 06/27/13

Sentry360 is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced megapixel surveillance cameras for commercial and government markets. With resolutions from HD 2-megapixel to 14-megapixel, we have the combination of products that meet demanding... VIEW »

Healthcare Security Force Management Best Practices

Date: 05/23/13

As a security professional in a healthcare environment, the successful management of your in-house or blended security force will hinge on your ability to stay current with regulatory and compliance issues, along with the latest technologies... VIEW »

Innovative Deployment of Video Surveillance in a Public Safety Environment

Date: 05/16/13

The phrase doing more with less is very familiar to security managers tasked with the job of protecting people and assets. When dealing with video surveillance implementation, careful planning and deployment of applicable camera technology, ample... VIEW »

A Holistic Approach to Screening Potential Employees

Date: 04/25/13

Screening and vetting potential employees has become an enterprise risk function, as human resources, security and risk directors are finding themselves working together when it comes to hiring key executives and technology personnel. This webinar... VIEW »

School Security: Strategies for Mitigating an Active-Shooter Event on Campus

Date: 03/21/13

The recent shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. sent shockwaves throughout the nation and spurred new debates about gun control legislation. Lost in the conversation about how to reduce gun violence, however, was school... VIEW »

Using Behavioral Recognition Technology to Improve Urban Safety

Date: 01/31/13

Many cities and towns have widespread deployments of video surveillance cameras. What very few have is true real-time alerts for suspicious activity on every camera in their system. Fortunately, a technology called behavioral recognition can... VIEW »

How to leverage managed access control to grow your business

Date: 12/11/12

Learn how to grow your business using SaaS technology VIEW »

Emergency Department Security Guidelines & Tactics

Date: 11/15/12

Join the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) and for this one-hour webinar program that will teach IAHSS guidelines for hospital emergency department (ED) security. Using recent research produced... VIEW »

Webinar: Active Shooters on the Campus

Date: 09/27/12

Join, and Secured Cities for a webinar about how to prepare for, prevent and manage active shooter incidents. VIEW »

Aligning Your Hospital Security Program

Date: 08/09/12

Featuring the current IAHSS president and the IAHSS president-elect, this seminar will discuss how to effectively align your hospital security program in the following areas: security technology, consulting services, guard services, law... VIEW »

Inside Baltimore's Inter-Agency Video Surveillance Solution

Date: 05/03/12

In this webinar adapted from the Secured Cities conference, you'll get to go inside a major inter-agency effort spearheaded by the City of Baltimore and the Baltimore Police Department. VIEW »

Doing more with your access control system

Date: 04/11/12

How a top corporate security department finds hidden value in their access and identity investments VIEW »

Webinar: Active Shooter Incidents & Hospitals

Date: 03/08/12

In this seminar, presented by Lisa Pryse, CHPA, CPP, president-elect of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS), we’ll address best practices for prevention and response to active shooter incidents in hospital... VIEW »

Delivering Operational Excellence and Security Intelligence

Date: 02/09/12

Please join Mark Domnauer, Corporate Security Director for Adobe Systems Incorporated, and Laurie Aaron, VP of Corporate Marketing and Business Development for Quantum Secure, to learn about Physical Identity & Access Management, Compliance and... VIEW »

Measuring the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance

Date: 01/26/12

As you deploy crime cameras, whether as part of a city-owned municipal surveillance program, or as part of a corporate security effort, one lingering question remains: How effective are these cameras? It’s a question that the Dallas Police... VIEW »

Designing and Integrating Digital Signage into Retail and Security Systems with Arrow Electronics and Microsoft®

Date: 12/14/11

Webcast: Designing and Integrating Digital Signage into Retail and Security Systems with Arrow Electronics and Microsoft® When: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 1PM ET... VIEW »

Identify and Prevent Retail Fraud and Scams

Date: 12/06/11

This webinar will help you identify, stop and even prevent common retail fraud affecting your store’s profitability. In this program, retail loss prevention expert Curtis Baillie, CSC, will spotlight some common frauds such as refund scams, product... VIEW »

Building and deploying secure video and access control systems

Date: 11/30/11

Webcast: Building and deploying secure video and access control systems When: November 30, 2011 - 1PM ET Where: At your PC: Slides and audio are... VIEW »

Hacker-proofing your video and access systems

Date: 11/30/11

As the lines between physical and IT security continue to blur, it's becoming clear that business-related risks are on the rise as CCTV video surveillance and access control systems are being deployed unsecurely across the enterprise. VIEW »

Webcast: Crisis Management on Campus

Date: 05/19/11

In this May 19th webinar from and Security Technology Executive magazine, learn how Kennesaw State University handles crisis management planning and live-event situation response. Hear how KSU’s Assistant vice president for... VIEW »

Defining Your Municipal Video Strategy

Date: 04/21/11

In this April 21 webinar from and the Secured Cities conference, you'll hear three different viewpoints on municipal video surveillance strategy -- from a city viewpoint (Atlanta), a systems integration viewpoint (Siemens) and a... VIEW »

Webcast: Combating Crime and Protecting Critical Public and Private Infrastructure

Date: 03/24/11

Webcast: Combating Crime and Protecting Critical Public and Private Infrastructure When: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 1 PM ET Where: At your PC... VIEW »

Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Industry

Date: 02/24/11

In this hour-long seminar presented by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) and, IAHSS President-Elect and Director of Corporate Security for Carolinas Healthcare System Bryan Warren will... VIEW »

School Security 101: No-cost and Low-cost Ways to Boost School Security

Date: 10/28/10

Join veteran school security consultant Paul Timm, PSP, for an hour-long program featuring 20+ ideas for how your school can improve security without spending money. Timm, whose firm has been working with schools to improve security for over 25... VIEW »

Using IP Technology to Eliminate Control Panels for Access Control

Date: 09/30/10

This panel will discuss the latest trend in access control; IP switches that control readers and doors through the network without the need for control panels. Attendees will learn how access control running as an IT software application using... VIEW »

Mass Notification Emergency Communications

Date: 08/26/10

Get up to speed on mass notification emergency communications trends and solutions in this 1-hour online seminar. This educational session will brief you on end-user experiences with mass notification emergency communications (MNEC), technology... VIEW »

IP Video Technology. Leveraging Technology for HD Security.

Date: 08/05/10

The video surveillance industry has evolved significantly over the past ten years, and so too has the technology. Join Mike McCann of Sony's Security Systems Group as he explores the various technological advancements in video surveillance... VIEW »

Airport Security Contracting Best Practices

Date: 06/24/10

Security contracting often is one of the top cost centers for airport protection operations, but it doesn’t have to be your primary headache. Join and aviation security consultant Lori Beckman (former director of security at... VIEW »

Municipal Surveillance Solutions, Part 2

Date: 05/06/10

In our popular 2009 webinar on the same subject, we covered some of the basics of municipal surveillance by taking a look at city camera projects in Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. We step into part 2 of the program this year by expanding on that... VIEW »

Using IP Video for City Camera Systems

Date: 04/22/10

Gerry Pittman, Manager, Global Security Technology, Johnson Controls Inc., discusses the challenges in deploying city-wide surveillance solutions to reduce crime rates in cities and metropolitan areas and provide a safer environment for citizens... VIEW »

The Convergent Campus: Integrating Security Technologies the Right Way

Date: 04/08/10

With the rapid growth in demand for comprehensive campus security, universities are learning the benefits of a campus-wide integrated security strategy. An integrated systems approach to strategic security investments yields greater protection... VIEW »

How to make the analog to IP migration

Date: 03/18/10

Louis A. Noriega, Chief, Information Systems, Miami-Dade County Seaport Department talks with Infinova and NICE Systems about their decision making process to migrate the port’s security and surveillance system to IP technology. Many security... VIEW »

Securing Public Transportation Systems: Protecting mass transit networks against crime and terrorism

Date: 02/25/10

In this Feb. 25, 2010, webcast from, we featured a roundtable of leading transit security police administrators and transit industry experts. Our roundtable panel examined the overall scope of threats faced by public transit... VIEW »

CFATS Webinar: SSP, Legal & Project Considerations

Date: 02/02/10

Hear from industry experts who have helped companies with CFATS compliance including Evan Wolff, Counsel & Director, Homeland Security Practice, Hunton & Williams who advises manufacturing, chemical, energy and other companies on compliance with... VIEW »

Securing America’s Justice Courts

Date: 01/14/10

In this Jan. 14, 2010, webinar from, Lieutenant Jimmie Barrett, author of “Protecting Court: A Practitioner’s Guide to Court Security” and Court Security Supervisor for the Arlington County, Va.’s Sheriff’s Office... VIEW »