UnityIS helps businesses to manage security in the 'new normal'

Oct. 8, 2020
Imron's cloud-based platform provides a complete solution for access management

UnityIS, a powerful cloud-based access management platform, provides a complete solution for the ‘New Norm’.  The nature of the pandemic has redefined workplace requirements.  UnityIS addresses these requirements simply and efficiently, for any business security need.  Manage not only the fundamentals of access control such as credential management, monitor and control of all doors, advance reporting, real-time system event transactions and alerts, graphical device display, but also the advanced requirements inherent to the ‘New Norm’. 

UnityIS provides advanced capabilities necessary to navigate these dynamic times.  These capabilities already included within the easy to use interface have been redefined as a necessity today and include the ability for Occupancy Control, First Man In/Last Man Out, and Granular Lockdowns.  Today, defining limits within a specified area in a facility, such as meeting rooms is crucial in maintaining physical distancing.  With UnityIS, limits to each area can not only be defined, but alerts can be sent to maintain limited capacity. 

As businesses reopen and personnel return to the workplace, either thru staggered shifts and/or reduced personnel, management of workplace utilities while being more energy-efficient is crucial in reducing operational costs.  With UnityIS, First Man In/Last Man Out functionality provides a multitude of options that allow, for example, the unlocking of specified doors, turning on lights and HVAC upon a successful entry of designated personnel.  Additionally, the converse can be specified, with the locking of doors, turning off lights and HVAC upon successful exit of designated personnel.

The ability to perform global lockdowns and global unlocks has become a requirement in facilities.  With the current climate, this is especially crucial when a physical threat or even a health threat presents itself.  With UnityIS, manage lockdowns/unlocks remotely from a global level down to a single door. This granularity allows for a lockdown or unlock of a single room or multiple rooms, a department, a building, multiple buildings, the entire facility.  All of which can be performed with a click of a single button within UnityIS.

Mitigating touchpoints in the workplace helps reduce potential sources of transmission.  UnityIS works with Bluetooth readers to provide a hands-free experience. No contact with the reader is necessary, and with the right door hardware; the user can have complete hands-free access and egress from the facility.  Additionally, for visitors and temporary guests, issue guest passes remotely via email straight to their mobile device.  No reuse of physical credentials required.

“In order to keep up with today’s ever-changing landscape of the workplace, companies need to be flexible and adjust quickly.  With decades of experience in physical security, IMRON Corporation continues to grow and adapt with these changes by providing the most powerful cloud-based access control product in the market today,” said Imron Hussain, President.

UnityIS in the cloud offers customers a simple subscription model based on the number of doors with no upfront license fees and unlimited access.  Additionally, since there is no on-premises software to load,

it alleviates the extra costs of maintenance, removes the need for dedicated onsite security staff and provides automatic backups with 99.99% up-time.  With no software to load, no maintenance to perform, and a simple subscription model, you can stay focused on your business.  To see how you can utilize the benefits of UnityIS in the cloud, contact [email protected] to schedule a demo.