InstaKey Receives Patent for Online Key Control Management Product

Sept. 22, 2006
Colorado company first to successfully patent ability to manage access devices online

Denver – Denver-based InstaKey Security System has received the first ever patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an online key control management software product called SECRUITYRECORDS.COM.

According to InstaKey, there are a number of competitors, most of them industry giants, who have attempted to replicate InstaKey’s system, but InstaKey is the first to successfully patent the ability to manage key control data online via the internet or an internal network.

The InstaKey software allows security and facility managers to simplify the way they manage access control programs. The software incorporates a password protected Web-based system for tracking issued keys and other access devices to the key-holder and access points. All access devices can be tracked real time from any computer with an Internet connection.

InstaKey aims to develop industry relationships with larger competitors to leverage its patent.

"In 1998, I recognized what we had and what we might be able to achieve,” said Scott Fisher, chairman of InstaKey’s board of directors and a lead investor. “Now that InstaKey has achieved this significant milestone, I would expect a variety of strategic avenues within the security industry to unfold."

The software was originally developed in the early 1990s and that version of the software product was copyrighted and introduced in 1993. The Web-based version, was developed as a direct response to client demands for data accessibility and user simplicity. It debuted at trade shows in 2000, marking the start of a six-year quest to secure patent protection.

The InstaKey system is currently installed at a number of the nation’s top retailers, government and military facilities, medical facilities, and colleges and universities, including the U.S Naval Academy, University of California at Berkley, Stanford University, Ann Taylor, Sprint, and Family Dollar, as well as franchisees of McDonalds restaurants.

“We recognized the need and the opportunity for the development of a product that allowed managers to effectively monitor keys online in the early 90s,” said Scott Serani, president of InstaKey. “In today’s world of heightened security, knowing who has access to keys to a facility is the first line of defense. This has further increased the demand for this product.”

InstaKey has been an innovator in the mechanical access control industry for over 20 years. Its patented hardware provides the user with the combination of non-duplicable keys together with instant capability to re-key and re-pin locks without hardware changes or services of a locksmith. InstaKey’s parent company is Shield Security System, Inc.