FST21 technology incorporated into 'SAFE Car'

June 4, 2013
Companies partner to deliver car with state-of-the-art security technology

May 2013, Southborough, MA - Cool cars command respect. Always have, always will. Our collective love affair with cars, from classic sports cars, street racers, muscle cars to luxury coupes, has ensued for decades. Whether it's a Maybach, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Testarossa, Pink Cadillac or Mustang Sally is beside the point. For many, it's sparking that emotional connection with our cars that really counts. We love them, baby them, wax them, detail them and care for them. Now, with the new, groundbreaking introduction of the SAFE Car, consumers can protect their "wheels" in ways never thought possible before.

The SAFE Car, empowered with FST21 technology, provides an unprecedented level of control, convenience and security that's in keeping with the newest lifestyle and technological capabilities. It is the brainchild of SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments) a trailblazing “next generation” provider of custom security solutions that are architecturally based, aesthetically discreet and completely scalable for homes, automobiles, offices and super yachts.

SAFE, based in L.A. and founded by industry icon Al Corbi, forged a relationship with FST21 in 2012. They began incorporating FST21's SafeRise In-Motion Identification technology - which uses a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies that include facial recognition, behavior analysis, voice recognition, LPR, RFID and more - into their residential and commercial projects. SAFE had already created the prototype for the SAFE Car, an advanced car security solution, as it would be a natural extension for its clients’ security needs. The car was being designed to allow the owner to maintain complete control of their residential or other properties while on the go. In addition, the SAFE Car would have its own secure features that could be controlled by the owner from any location and be the first of its kind to offer real-time contact and communications with the vehicle. The car’s situational awareness and control system (SAC) from SAFE would link audio, video and mechanical systems seamlessly to protect itself and its owner/occupants with manual or pre-programmed features.

Although the SAFE Car had been in development for several years, it was the superior technologies offered by FST21 that put the pedal to the metal in making the SAFE Car a reality. And the realities of what it can do are a car lover's dream.

SAFE Cars are essentially roaming WiFi hotspots that afford their owners unprecedented access to the vehicle and its functions. Most importantly, SAFE Cars provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car can not be stolen, who is in it, where it is, how fast it is traveling, and more. SAFE Cars keep you in total control. Yes, you can stop the car remotely, enable the doors to lock, even send blasts of smoke into the interior to subdue an unwelcome intruder!

Although the technology and equipment in the car is seamless to the eye (surveillance cameras, for instance, are embedded into the dash), the SAFE Car delivers the ultimate in security and controls with features that include:

  • Interfaces with residential security and functions, providing full access to home, office and yacht security features and functions.
  • Facial and voice recognition of both driver and passenger allows the owner to view, in real-time, the interior of the car and its occupants from anywhere in the world. Camera views outside of the car recognize and record other vehicle license plates.
  • Remote notification includes images and time/date stamps, of anyone other than those authorized to have unrestricted access.
  • Remote 1 or 2-way visual communication through a secure tablet, remote 2-way voice communication and remote door latch and unlatch by way of Internet, as well as barcode through license plate/back-up camera
  • Remote trunk unlatch
  • Remote engine starting and stopping by way of Internet, activation and deactivation through facial recognition
  • Onboard Diagnostics, Global Positioning (GPS) & Radar Detection

SAFE Cars have two graphic user interfaces (GUI), onboard and remote. The onboard GUI
utilizes a secure tablet which is deployed from the dash when activated by the biometric palm
reader in the center console.

"This partnership forged between SAFE and FST21 represents technology at its best," says Lana Corbi, Executive Vice President of SAFE. "Incorporating FST21 technology into our own allows us to deliver more than either of us can do alone. Together, we're even greater than the sum of our parts."

"The Safe Car is such an innovative offering, both in terms of security and sophistication," says Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, CEO of FST21. "The unveiling of the first one from SAFE, the Ferrari Testarossa, is testament to the groundbreaking solutions that FST21 offers. We're thrilled to partner with SAFE and play an integral part in bringing the cutting-edge SAFE Car to market."

"SAFE has been most impressed with the advanced features offered by FST21, as well as the reliability and flexibility of the product," Al Corbi adds. "These are essential elements for SAFE as each car is custom-designed for our clients’ needs to an exacting degree. Customer service is another essential element that makes FST21 stand out above their competitors. Their exceptional vision, patience and expertise during the R&D phase of this process has been exemplary."

All the identification, voice and car control in the SAFE Car is accomplished via FST21's SafeRise  In-Motion Identification technology. This FST21 luxury car kit will be sold exclusively by SAFE. And, the SAFE Car design is not manufacture-specific and can be custom-designed by SAFE to be compatible with virtually all vehicle makes and models. SAFE will exclusively customize, manufacture and install the SAFE Car features.

Car aficionados usually experience love at first sight when purchasing their new rides, so SAFE has produced a SAFE Car video, "Good Decisions" which can be viewed at

It will allow potential owners to take the SAFE Car for a test drive and get up close and personal with all its cutting edge safety and security features.