Zwipe biometric card finalist in Detektor International Awards 2014

Oct. 14, 2014
With biometric directly on card, uses present card reader to add biometric authentication

OSLO, NORWAY - October 7, 2014 -  Zwipe today announced that its biometric card is one of only four international finalists in the access control category for the Detektor International Awards. Just last May, the Zwipe biometric card won the first annual American SESAMES Award at the CARTES Secure Connexions Show Dinner held in Las Vegas which rewarded the best technological innovations that spanned the entire identification sector of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless technology.

"We're pleased that these international juries understand how many end-users would like to use biometrics on several special openings, such as data rooms, to assure only those authorized to enter can enter," reports Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe. "However, having to switch out their present card readers to biometric readers is too costly or cumbersome. By providing authorized users with biometric cards that work with their already installed card readers, these organizations can provide the benefits of biometric authorization by simply incorporating the card into their systems in the same way they incorporate proximity or smart cards."

Eliminating the problems of solely deploying PINs and standard cards, the contactless Zwipe biometric card quickly reads the user's fingerprint in less than a second. Only then will the card system activate the lock. This is much more secure than simply using a standard smart or proximity card, which verifies only something users carry, the card itself.

The on-card fingerprint scanner with 3D capacitive technology resides on the contactless smart card which is compatible with all popular 14443 readers as the Zwipe biometric card is DESFIRE EV1 and MIFARE Classic compatible. Without having to change out the existing readers, the biometric card provides an easy, low cost way for organizations to provide a biometric upgrade to access control systems using proximity card, smart card or multi-technology card readers.

The Detektor International Award is an independent prize. Companies cannot apply to have their products nominated. The process is solely under the control of the Detektor editorial board. The jury consists of eight members from three continents - Europe, Asia and North America. The winner will be announced October 15 at the Stockholm International Fair. 

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