GSX highlights PKOC demonstration

Sept. 26, 2023
With PKOC, interoperability is simple, the credential is secure with PKI level authentication and there is no cost for a PKOC compatible credential.

ELATEC, INID, Kastle Systems, JCI, Last Lock, rf IDEAS, SAFR Scan (RealNetworks), and Sentry Enterprises were each part of an exciting demonstration at the JCI Innovation Room at GSX 2023. A large number of consultants, integrators, and end users were awed by the simplicity, yet effective access security that PKOC was able to demonstrate. In addition to hardware and cards, there were multiple apps capable of accessing the various devices.

David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, noted, “PKOC continues to show its potential as a new generation of access control technology. As the market recognizes the need to shift to a more secure asymmetric form of credential, PKOC provides an open and easy-to-implement solution that vendors and customers are starting to embrace.”

PKOC was shown at the SAFR Scan booth, in conjunction with its biometric systems. “Possessing a credential, which not only offers seamless interoperability, but also elevates security levels beyond the confines of traditional symmetric key solutions is nothing short of revolutionary," said John Casisse, Chief Product Officer, SAFR at RealNetworks.

“SAFR's decision to adopt this solution was driven by its remarkable potential to transcend mere tokens.  Our ability to seamlessly integrate it with Face technology enables us to deliver a truly frictionless dual-factor authentication experience. Furthermore, the openness of this solution fosters innovation, allowing technology to empower customers in securing and managing their own facial templates directly on their devices. When technology can deliver swifter, cost-effective, more secure, and convenient solutions, the answer lies in embracing open standards which serve as the catalyst for continuous innovation," noted Casisse. 

The PSIA also hosted a consultants meeting, where some of the most important leaders in the security industry were invited to be informed and educated on PKOC technology. As part of this meeting there was the opportunity for the consultants to provide feedback and perspective on how the technology and delivery to the market can be improved and adoption by customers can be accelerated. 

“Feedback and listening are keys to success, especially when it comes from thought leaders and specifiers so familiar with the real-world challenges customers face every day in the security industry. Having specifications like PKOC, which are truly ‘Open,’ combined with simple and full interoperability creates disruption and change for the future that solves long-standing complex problems for manufactures, integrators/distributors, and end users, and that is what PKOC can do!” says Jason Ouellette, Engineering Director for Johnson Controls Security Products. 

With PKOC, interoperability is simple, the credential is secure with PKI level authentication and there is no cost for a PKOC compatible credential. PKOC is now offered as BLE Mobile and NFC plastic card, proving asymmetric PKI level authentication can be truly portable to all transport modalities. I am eager to see how this ecosystem expands once the word gets out.

For more information on PKOC and its open card and mobile credentials please look at the PKOC White Paper.

The PSIA has been active in developing and promoting open specifications that support interoperability in the physical and logical security industries. Industry publication, Security Technology Executive, declares interoperability “The Next Great Phase of Physical Access Control.” expounds on the predicted demand for PACS interoperability by saying, “Open protocols, standards and industry-accepted conformant products that focus on unbridled interoperability between manufacturers and vendors will be critical as advanced technology, such as analytics and ancillary devices, enter the realm of physical security and access control.”