Viisage and Identix Complete Merger

Aug. 30, 2006
New company to be known as L-1 Identity Solutions

Robert LaPenta, one of the three former "L’s" in L-3, and the chief architect of the Viisage and Identix merger will be ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow, Aug. 30, as his newest company, L-1 Identity Solutions becomes traded on the exchange.

L-1 Identity Solutions, named after LaPenta himself, is the product of the merger of Viisage and Identix, plus other entities like SecuriMetrics, Integrated Biometric Technology and Iridian Technologies. The new company, the 600-pound-gorilla of the U.S. biometrics industry, brings together technologies covering a wide variety of biometrics, from fingerprints to facial, iris and more.

The new company will be led, of course, by LaPenta who takes the titles chairman, president and chief executive officer. L-1 will be on the web at

L-1 comes about at a time when the U.S. biometrics market seems poised to go mainstream. With initiatives like the HSPD-12 program, which will introduce biometrics throughout the federal government, to the evolving TWIC card, the Registered Traveler program for airport security checks, and even the new electronic enabled passport, in the last year, the world of biometrics has seen its validation increase by leaps and bounds.

Leading L-1 – A look at the senior leadership team
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert LaPenta
Executive Vice President, Chief Strategic Officer, Dr. Joseph Atick
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, James DePalma
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Mark Molina
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Joseph Paresi
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, Doni Fordyce
Senior Vice President, Finance & Chief Accounting Officer, Vincent D’Angelo
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni
President of Identix, Inc., Jim Moar
President and Chief Executive Officer of SecuriMetrics, Inc., Greg Peterson
Chief Executive Officer of IBT, Charles Carroll
President of the Secure Credentialing Division (formerly Viisage), Jim Ebzery