OKI Launches Single-Chip LSI Enabling Fingerprint Authentication

Nov. 27, 2007
LSI and reference design enables high performance, low-system cost and easy installation with a fingerprint authentication accelerator

Tokyo, Japan, November 12, 2007 – Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced it will ship samples of "ML67Q5250," an application specific standard LSI with a fingerprint authentication accelerator. By using this LSI, customers can easily create a cost effective high-speed, high-accuracy, low power consumption fingerprint authentication system. The LSI includes a function to protect the fingerprint data from unauthorized access, enabling high-level security systems.

"We are excited to launch this LSI, which is equipped with a fingerprint authentication accelerator based on technologies from Precise Biometrics AB, a top vendor of fingerprint authentication algorithm known for their strong track record in National ID cards, and from AuthenTec, Inc., the top vendor of slide fingerprint sensors for PCs and cell phones," said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric Industry. "We believe this chip will offer an excellent solution to customers who are looking for a cost effective, yet easy-to-use, high-performance fingerprint authentication system, especially when customers' current system do not have enough performance and memory for fingerprint authentication."

This fingerprint authentication accelerator uses a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) algorithm licensed from Precise Biometrics, and optimized for AuthenTec's slide fingerprint sensors.

"We believe that this new OKI LSI and reference design with AuthenTec sensors will further expand new applications for fingerprint sensors," said Art Stewart, AuthenTec Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "This new turnkey solution - based in part on AuthenTec's patented TruePrint technology - will support the continued rapid global adoption of fingerprint biometrics by helping original equipment manufacturers quickly design products that offer convenient security to today's consumer."

"I am both pleased and proud that the license agreement we signed with Oki Electric Industry just over a year ago has resulted in the launch of an LSI circuit where our biometrics technology contributes to a new product with unique features. We were hoping that as a world-leader the OKI Group would develop an innovative solution, and our hopes have certainly been realized," said Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

"I am convinced that the introduction now underway will attract a great deal of attention. Not least because with the new circuit OKI can offer so many advantages, such as very rapid identification, a high level of security, low power consumption, integrated memory capacity for the storage of biometric data, and also a significant reduction in system costs since the integrated biometric solution eliminates the need for expensive and resource-consuming development work," Thomas Marschall concluded.

Following are main features of ML67Q5250:

- The fingerprint authentication accelerator executes all fingerprint authentication processes, from capturing fingerprint image to authentication, within 0.8sec using 32MHz system clock.
- No external memory is required as the embedded flash stores up to 15 fingerprint templates and the customer's application program.
- Highly optimized for AuthenTec's slide fingerprint sensors for fast authentication. Certain touch sensors are also supported.
- Fingerprint data is protected from unauthorized access.
- Includes GPIOs, synchronous SIO, asynchronous SIO(UART), USB2.0 FS device controller, IC card IF, and SPIs.
- Provides Software Development Kit (SDK) embedded with AuthenTec's slide sensors. The business-card-size board connects with ARM development kits and enables enrollment and authentication with batteries instead of connecting to a PC.

To support various customer needs, OKI also plans to provide a SDK optimized for some of the touch sensors, and support a fingerprint authentication module. In addition, OKI will develop products with the fingerprint authentication accelerator that are compliant with ISO standard, and will expand its LSI business in the biometric authentication market.

For more reference, visit www.okisemi.com/en/

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