Futronic Fingerprint Scanner Rejects Fake Fingers

Aug. 21, 2006
Live Finger Detection system sends electronic signal, rejects silicone, rubber, other faked materials

HONG KONG, Aug. 18 -- Futronic Technology Company Limited, a global provider of fingerprint recognition software and hardware products, announces the successful development and implementation of a proprietary and patent pending technology, Live Finger Detection (LFD), which can detect live human fingers and reject non-live(fake) fingers reliably.

Using fake fingers made from thin silicone to get into highly secure area, such as a warehouse of jewel company or computer room in CIA headquarter, is a common scene in movies now. Fake finger is a major security concern of fingerprint recognition products. Futronic develops the LFD technology to support customers who need enhanced security.

LFD is an active sensing technology that can detect live human fingers but reject non-live (fake) fingers accurately. When a finger is put on Futronic optical fingerprint scanner, a special generator inside the scanner sends a signal to the finger. This signal goes beyond the human skin surface to hit the inner layer which is then reflected to a sensor inside the scanner. And the reflected signal from live human fingers is very unique compared to that from other material. Futronic has successfully developed the technology to differentiate the reflected signal of live human fingers from that of other material. As a result, Futronic optical fingerprint scanner only captures the fingerprint of live fingers and rejects fake fingers made from other material. Fake fingers made from silicone, rubber, play-doh, etc, cannot get access through Futronic optical fingerprint scanner.

LFD is now available in following Futronic products: -- FS80 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner -- FS82 USB2.0 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader -- FS21M Fin'Lock - Fingerprint Access Control System -- FinLogon Personal Edition(PE) for MS Windows -- FinLogon Enterprise Edition(EE) for Active Directory -- Fingerprint Recognition Software Development Kit(SDK) for MS Windows

With the above products, fake finger is not a security concern when using fingerprint recognition for both logical and physical access control.

Futronic develops and manufactures fingerprint recognition hardware and software products. Its mission is to provide advanced biometric authentication products and solutions to customers who need enhanced security in identity management. With proprietary fingerprint recognition algorithm, Futronic provides fingerprint authentication products and solutions for physical access control, computer and network logon, identity management and E-commence. For more information, please visit www.futronic.com.hk.