National Biometric Security Project Announces Board of Directors

Jan. 25, 2005
Security, intelligence, military and biometric backgrounds of board members provide NBSP with diverse perspectives on security

Washington, D.C. -- The National Biometric Security Project formally announced the appointments of Sir John Adye, General Orlo K. Steele and William Wilson to its Board of Directors. These independent Directors join John E. Siedlarz, Chairman and CEO of NBSP to constitute the full board.

Sir John Adye was in British Government service in charge of a broad range of security and intelligence activities for more than 30 years before retiring in 1996. His most recent official position was as the Director of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is the UK's largest security and intelligence Agency and the British counterpart of NSA. He was awarded the US Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal in 1996. On retirement from Government service he was Chairman of the Country Houses Association (CHA) in England from 1999-2002. Adye brings a wide range of experience in directing technical operations, financial and project management, legislation and international relations to the NBSP Board of Directors.

Orlo K. Steele, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired) served as Commanding General, 1st Marine Brigade; Commanding General. 2nd Marine Division and Inspector General, U.S. Marine Corps prior to his retirement in 1990 after 35 years of active service. In November 1990 he was appointed Assistant Administrator for Civil Aviation Security, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation; he held this position until December 1993. Since then he has served as a consultant in national security and civil aviation matters, including: as a member of an independent security survey team to evaluate five TWA European station operations following the crash of TWA 800 and as a part time consultant to Science Applications International Corporation for the employment of federally mandated Automated Explosive Detection Systems in selected U.S. airports. General Steele is currently Chairman, Training, Education System Study Group, a body formed for the purpose of advising the Department of Homeland Security.

William Wilson was vice president and then president of Recognition Systems until his retirement in 1998. Recognition Systems was a pioneer developer and manufacturer of hand geometry biometric devices. Prior to Recognition Systems Wilson was vice president of Summation Inc., a manufacturer of computer-based test systems. Wilson spent 27 years with Hewlett Packard where he held a number of management positions. Additionally, Wilson was a founding member of the International Biometric Industry Association [IBIA] and The Biometric Foundation.

In announcing these appointments John E. Siedlarz, chairman and CEO of NBSP said that "the combination of international intelligence, military and civil aviation security, and biometric expertise greatly enhances the profile of the NBSP Board of Directors and provides NBSP with a board that can provide outstanding council and guidance in the area of civil infrastructure protection both nationally and internationally."