Liska Biometry Files for Additional Patents for Fingerprint Technology

Feb. 8, 2005
Biometric Identifier Number technology provided by company gets fast-tracked toward patent

DOVER, NH -- Liska Biometry, a biometrics solutions provider, announced that it has filed for two additional patents on its revolutionary fingerprint "Biometric Identifier Number" BIN technology. Because of the significance of Liska's technology for enhancing Homeland Security, a request has been submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to "fast-track" these patent applications under its anti-terrorism provision. Liska Biometry provides seamless, integrated, fingerprint biometric solutions that enable identification of individuals in ID management and legacy databases.

"These additional patent applications represent our ongoing commitment to the Company's goal of becoming a universal biometric standard," said Christopher J. LeClerc, Liska's CEO.

Liska Biometry has the ability to derive a unique number from an individual's fingerprint template. The algorithm extracts the invariant features of an individual's fingerprint (i.e. minutiae points) and generates a fingerprint template; the Biometric Identifier Number is derived from a portion of the said template as a unique digital signature. This BIN can be used on travel documentation and personal credentials and be stored within a database, thereby transforming time-consuming fingerprint database search to almost instantaneous numeric search.

"The patent applications we have filed outline advancements in the Company's method to enhance search interoperability across multiple databases," said Dr. Peter Wrage, Vice-President of Product Operations.

In addition to pervasive Homeland Security applications and National ID programs, Liska's technology is already being applied toward private sector applications such as Secured Transaction Authentication for financial institutions and Controlled Access for secured areas and networks.