Editor's Note: Why CES Matters

Feb. 9, 2023
There are some really neat ways to set your security offerings apart from the competition – but only if you look for them

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If you think you know tradeshows because you’ve walked the floor at ISC West for the past 20-plus years, trust me: When it comes to CES, you are still a greenhorn.

I realize that it has still not caught on 100% among enterprise and residential security integrators, and it is taking a whole lot of nudging from people like me; however, I truly believe that integrators who are not paying attention to the innovations coming from the CES show floor are missing out on TONS of opportunities.

That is why Security Business remains the ONLY security industry publication (along with SecurityInfoWatch.com) to send its editors and experts to the show floor, and to dedicate so much editorial space to the technologies and trends coming out of this monster tradeshow. While I was pleasantly surprised to run into a few enterprising integrators and consultants in Vegas (shoutout to Pierre Bourgeix), I am confident that you will get an idea of the shows importance in the pages to come.  

That said, there were a lot of eye-catchers that we simply didn’t have enough space to cover later. Here’s a quick look at some innovations – both logical and unorthodox – that might make sense as part of a residential or commercial security offering:

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Norway-based Disruptive Technologies (DT) won a CES 2023 Innovation Award for its desk occupancy sensor – a tiny, easy-to-install sensor that collects data to solve operational challenges in corporate and commercial real estate, while also respecting the privacy of individuals. The data is gathered without the use of cameras and without identifying an individual; instead, it uses a combination of temperature measurements and machine learning to determine if a desk is occupied. Why does it matter? Desk occupancy monitoring has become an integral aspect of efficient resource management for property and office managers.

Pet Monitoring and Identification

In many households, the family dog or cat is every bit as important to someone as a child. Imagine if you can provide security and peace
of mind to these potential customers. France-based startup Invoxia’s smart dog collar monitors a pet’s activity and sleep when the owner is away, sending the data to a phone. The version unveiled at CES includes a GPS tracker and advanced heart health monitoring.

South Korea’s Petnow Inc., unveiled an app that provides biometric recognition for cats(!) that “will help reunite households with their beloved pets in case they go missing.”

The Next Step in Signage

Holograms were all the rage on the show floor in 2023, and one company, UK-based HYPERVSN drew a steady stream of onlookers with its holographic digital signage solutions. From vehicles that come to life, to a 40-foot holographic Mark Cuban welcoming visitors to their booth, companies like these are looking to revolutionize AV to make 2020’s Zoom video meetings look like they are the Commodore 64 version of what’s to come.

That said, the technology holds a lot of promise in the digital signage market as well, which presents potential security uses in emergency notification and evacuation. Imagine a 3D image of a friendly usher pointing building occupants to an evacuation zone, all while maintaining a calm demeanor and speaking a reassuring message.

So, whether it is logical, futuristic, or just plain cool, chances are you will find something at CES that is truly unique enough to set your company apart from the others. I look forward to running into more of you on the show floor in 2024! 

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