CES 2021 announces it will be 100% digital

July 28, 2020
Huge Las Vegas technology trade show will be held virtually from Jan. 6-9, 2021

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced that CES, one of the world's largest technology trade shows, will be an all-digital experience in 2021.  

"For CES, the pandemic gives us an opportunity to reimagine how we use our platform to bring our community together in a meaningful way, and enable our exhibitors to meet their customers, and to reach new audiences," Gary Shapiro, President of CTA, said in a video on the show's site.  

"We hoped to host an in-person event in Las Vegas (in January), but given the current public health concerns, it's just not possible to bring everyone safely together in person, so moving to an all digital format for CES is simply the right thing to do," Shapiro added. "Our exhibitors, partners and thought leaders will now have the time to plan to think to create compelling ways to engage digital audiences from around the world. We will convene the tech sector to launch products, build brands and form partnerships, attendees will have a front row seat to discover and see the latest technology." 

CES 2021 will be held virtually from Jan. 6-9, 2021. "The new format will allow participants to hear from technology innovators, see cutting-edge technologies and the latest product launches, and engage with global brands and startups from around the world," a press release says.  

For the security industry, CES has served as a launching point for a variety of smart home and security devices, as well as for innovation in technologies such as thermal cameras and various sensors. Most of the recognized smart home brands in the security industry are exhibitors.  

Learn more at https://www.ces.tech.