Arlo launches SaaS solution at CES

Jan. 7, 2020
Arlo SmartCloud can be deployed as part of advanced subscription services for service providers, home builders, traditional security companies and more

At CES 2020, Arlo Technologies announced the release of Arlo  SmartCloud, a SaaS version of its Smart Service platform. The system is a "fully managed platform of capabilities built for security, scalability and reliability that can be easily deployed as part of advanced subscription services for hardware companies, automotive companies, service providers, insurance companies, home builders, smart communities, smart cities, traditional security companies, and other related verticals," according to a press release.

According to the release, the system adds features to any connected image or video ecosystem including:

  • Computer Vision: A low latency computer vision pipeline compatible with numerous compression and container formats to support real-time vision and video-enabled apps
  • Multi-Object Detection: Simultaneous object detection based on proprietary machine learning such as person, package, vehicle, animal, or custom requested objects.
  • Audio Analysis: Flexible audio analysis to determine security or other events.
  • Real Time, 2-Way Communications: Multiple audio and video communication features including full SIP-based, VoIP quality communication between end points.
  • E911: Fully integrated Enhanced 911 services on per location basis.
  • Scaled Platform Services: A proven, scaled and high-performance platform for real-time events, encode/decode, encryption, analytics, secure storage and streaming currently handling more than 150 million transactions per day in over 200 countries around the world.

"Arlo has deeply invested in building an industry-leading platform for advanced AI and security services. We are also an independent company focused on data security and user privacy that operates this platform as part of a trusted relationship with our customers," said Tejas Shah, SVP product and chief information officer. "With Arlo SmartCloud, we are extending our platform to partners to help innovate and deploy new opportunities beyond our own camera ecosystem."

Arlo SmartCloud has plug-and-play APIs for simple deployment of existing services and Arlo will provide consulting, custom development and integration services for tailored applications of the platform.