igloocompany to launch smart padlocks at CES

Jan. 4, 2023
Singapore-based company's products designed for both consumers and enterprises

SINGAPORE, 22 December 2022 – igloocompany, a Singapore-based smart access solutions provider, announced today that it will be introducing its newest line-up of Smart Padlocks at CES 2023. Expanding upon igloocompany’s success with their first Smart Padlock, the new line-up of Smart Padlocks is designed to provide the perfect balance between security and convenience for personal and enterprise users.

“After seven years of creating innovative and advanced keyless access solutions for smarter homes, rental and vacation properties, and enterprise verticals,” said Siddartha Butalia, Associate Director of Hardware and Design of igloocompany. “We’re excited to showcase the capabilities of our hardware and software solutions at the upcoming CES exhibition. Attendees will also get to see and examine our new suite of padlocks, and other keyless solutions for different use cases and needs.”

(New) Padlock 2 & Padlock 2E - Designed to be the sturdiest family locks in the product line. Tested to military standards, the Padlock 2 is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This lock can withstand seven ruggedness tests conforming to Mil-STD 810H. The Padlock 2E is the enterprise version and also the strongest lock available. Coming soon in Spring 2023. See Annex 1 for comparison chart.

(New) Padlock Lite - Designed to be the smallest and lightest lock in the product line. Equipped with fingerprint access, the Padlock Lite makes a perfect lifestyle lock for your gym lockers, storage cabinets and the likes. Coming soon in Spring 2023.

Keybox 3E - Provides visibility for property managers to manage access on a scalable level. The smart lockbox offers a spacious interior to store keys, access cards, car key fobs, and more for easy retrieval.

IoT Deadbolt - Integrated connectivity to secure high-value assets and important facilities in large-scale infrastructure industries; or provide visibility on demand for property managers to manage access on a scalable level.

Bridge - Designed for users to control their igloohome locks remotely. Get real-time notifications of access activities, or let guests in from wherever they are.

Launching A New Brand Look

In line with igloocompany’s evolution of growth and expansion plans, the company has undergone a rebranding exercise and will be debuting its branding at CES 2023 with a new look comprising of a new logo and a new tagline.

“Our new branding is timely, as we define and chart the space within the smart access solution market that we want to venture into within the next five to ten years.” Said Anthony Chow, CEO and Co-founder of igloocompany. The new brand signifies our continued commitment to innovate and broaden our definition of what access should be, based on the needs of our global customers. Our tagline “Sharing Life’s Experiences” encompasses the ultimate fulfillment we want to bring to our consumers. Be it B2B or B2B, regardless of location or industry, igloocompany seeks to provide the right solutions to enliven delightful experiences.”