.simstechnology wearable device at CES 2024 detects someone coming from behind

Jan. 17, 2024
We met with Sean Siembab, inventor and owner of the .sims patented technology, in Eureka Park at CES 2024.

We met with Sean Siembab, the inventor and owner of the .sims patented technology, in Eureka Park at CES 2024. He came up with the idea for the technology after being hit from behind not once, but twice.

The first incident happened while he was serving as a juvenile correctional officer. He was assaulted from behind, suffering a traumatic brain injury. Then, while recovering from that incident, he was blindsided again. This time he was walking on a bike path and a cyclist ran into him from behind.

Positioned on the wearer’s back, the device’s high-frame-rate, light-sensitive camera continuously takes numerous photos each second. When the device’s AI chip detects a person approaching, it alerts the user via a connected smartwatch or smartphone. The user can then clear the alert or - if they deem the approaching person to be a threat - they can touch SOS on screen to notify their emergency contacts and share their location. Images are automatically sent to the cloud and stored for 90 days if they need to be retrieved.

“I didn’t see him or hear him, nor did I have time to react. That’s when the idea hit me…literally,” Siembab said. “There are wearable cameras on the market that capture incidents. But, since they don’t warn people in real-time, they can only record an incident - not help prevent it. That’s where the .simstechnology device is different.

"While eliminating a would-be attacker’s element of surprise, our device also gives the wearer a greater awareness of their surroundings, allowing them to be more confident while participating in outdoor activities - whether that’s going for a run, snowshoeing in a park, or walking across campus.” 

The simstechnology device is expected to hit the market sometime in 2024 and will retail for $199. The annual subscription to the .sims cloud - which is just $79 - will be waived for those making pre-orders. Learn more at https://sims.technology/