Banyan Security offers free usage of its remote access solution during COVID-19 crisis

March 23, 2020
Banyan’s high-performing, scalable platform offers a seamless user experience to give remote employees and third parties fast, secure access to corporate assets without a VPN

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 23, 2020 – Banyan Security, a leading provider of Zero Trust remote access designed from the ground up for today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments, has  announced, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is offering free usage of its Zero Trust Remote Access platform for new customers to help them improve worker productivity and eliminate frustrations associated with VPNs.

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced many companies into implementing a remote solution, in some cases up to 90+ percent of their workforce. This has led to major challenges including troubleshooting and replacing VPNs ill-equipped to deal with the increase in remote traffic, slow and dropped VPN connections, and securing remote workers, third parties, and BYOD devices. As a result, Banyan has stepped forward with its industry-leading solution that offers a seamless user experience, enabling workers and third parties to remotely access on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud applications, and servers without the need to use VPNs.

“These are unprecedented times and Banyan is here to help your remote workforce succeed with fast, seamless, secure access to corporate assets,” said Jayanth Gummaraju, co-founder and CEO, Banyan Security. “We feel empathy for the many companies and employees who are frustrated with their VPN’s and are pleased to offer free usage of our high-performing, scalable solution to keep your company up and running regardless of location.”

Banyan Security has set a new standard with its human-centric Zero Trust Remote Access solution. Banyan’s novel platform allows businesses to ensure their architecture scales easily to accommodate the growing workforce. Ultimately, Banyan improves remote worker productivity and efficiency, while enabling companies to secure their modern, perimeter-free enterprise.

Banyan is offering free usage of its Zero Trust Remote Access for a limited time. To sign up today, click here.

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Banyan Security's next-generation Zero Trust Remote Access platform provides seamless remote access to corporate resources hosted in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Banyan enhances security by reducing your attack surface, eliminating lateral movement, and preventing unauthorized access. Utilizing innovative TrustScoring powered by machine learning, Banyan ensures both users and devices are authenticated and authorized before granting granular least privilege access to sensitive corporate applications and servers. Banyan’s highly scalable platform is currently used by enterprises across verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. To learn more, visit