Peer39 goes live with Compliant for compliance metrics

Sept. 26, 2023
With this new offering, brands and agencies can now adopt data compliance as a primary input to their responsible media frameworks and media quality initiatives.

NEW YORK, NY | September 26, 2023 - Compliant, a data compliance technology company, has partnered with Peer39, a global provider of pre-bid contextual suitability and quality solutions for modern marketers, to introduce and offer its customers a data compliance metric for programmatic media campaigns. For the first time ever, advertisers, agencies and publishers will have a scalable solution for measuring data compliance in digital media campaigns and eliminating risk within their marketing efforts – while simultaneously signaling to regulators and consumers their commitment to acting lawfully.

“It’s unthinkable in today’s environment that any marketer would spend money on media that puts their brand at risk. This is no different than when the industry asked itself why we would pay for ads that no one sees. No brand should be asked to buy media that is non-compliant.” said Jamie Barnard, CEO, Compliant. “By joining Peer39's marketplace, we are expediting the ways in which brands can use data compliance metrics across the programmatic ecosystem.”

Through Peer39’s Contextual Data Marketplace, Compliant’s automated solution provides ad buyers with a Campaign Compliance Index (CCI) which measures the level of data compliance within a brand’s media campaign. The CCI score provides metrics that regulators are focused on such as consent, data leakage, and number of unauthorized tags and data resellers. With this new level of transparency in the publisher inventory, brands can protect themselves from activating media dollars with non-compliant publishers.

“Our industry is at another important tipping point. Just like the uprising around brand safety or viewability or most recently made for advertising, data compliance will be as transformative and likely much more consequential from both a consumer trust and enforcement perspective,” said Mario Diez, CEO, Peer39. "With Compliant now enabled through Peer39’s Data Marketplace, brands can see the compliance of their media, and take action, avoiding high risk inventory and rewarding trusted environments."

Data Compliance Research Pinpoints the Industry Need

The lack of transparency in the digital supply chain means that unlawful and unethical data practices go unseen, potentially exposing companies to irreparable harm. A study conducted by Compliant, which will be released tomorrow at the World Federation of Advertisers' Digital Governance Exchange in New York, looks at over one billion impressions measured across more than 1,000 programmatic media campaigns. The results found that:

  • Two out of three digital U.S. publishers (67 percent) do not offer consent choices for consumers
  • Nearly all (91 percent) of U.S. publishers with a Consent Management Platform are currently passing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to third parties before consent
  • 82 percent of U.S. publishers have elevated data leakage risk through excessive vendors, piggybacking or tags

With consumers increasingly concerned about brands tracking their online behavior, and intensifying FTC enforcement, data compliance is quickly becoming a new brand standard in digital media. With this new offering, brands and agencies can now adopt data compliance as a primary input to their responsible media frameworks and media quality initiatives.