Experian works with NeuroID to combat fraud rings and AI-enabled fraud

Dec. 5, 2023
NeuroID’s behavioral analytics is available now through Experian’s fraud prevention solutions.

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Experian today announced NeuroID’s behavioral analytics is now available through Experian’s fraud prevention solutions, including CrossCore and Precise ID. NeuroID’s unique behavioral analytics solution provides robust, frictionless fraud prevention capabilities that can effectively combat identity theft, deter fraud ring attacks and protect against AI-enabled bots while ensuring a smoother experience for real customers.

Managing identity verification and fraud detection can be challenging for many businesses. A recent Experian report found nearly 70% of businesses say fraud losses have increased in recent years. In addition, fraud rings and AI-enabled bot attacks have elusive attack patterns that are often hard to detect without in-depth insights. A recent report from NeuroID showed that over a four-month period, 53% of NeuroID customers had an attempted bot attack. Now with NeuroID integrated, Experian clients can use one service provider to seamlessly deploy fraud detection that helps identify user intentions through robust data-driven insights.

NeuroID analyzes users’ real-time behavior, such as keystrokes, mouse movements and typing speed, to determine if there’s genuine or fraudulent intention. This approach captures the underlying behavior patterns of fraud rings, bots and other bad actors to identify warning signs before they strike. It also enhances the user experience by helping streamline onboarding.

NeuroID’s capabilities complement the CrossCore identity verification and fraud risk platform’s suite of diverse functional offerings by providing an additional layer of prediction and insight into behaviors displayed during online applications. CrossCore helps clients verify identities and prevent various fraud losses by orchestrating a layered defense approach using technology, analytics and data for instant decision-making strategies. Precise ID provides real-time identity verification and targeted fraud scores and signals, including first-party fraud, identity theft and synthetic identity.

“We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative, data-driven insights in order to protect legitimate customers while also combating fraud,” said Kathleen Peters, Chief Innovation Officer for Experian Decision Analytics in North America. “With AI-enabled bot attacks on the rise, NeuroID’s unique behavioral analytics combined with our trusted fraud prevention solutions can help clients make informed, automated decisions during the account opening process, ultimately helping mitigate losses.”

“In today's rapidly evolving fraud landscape, we’re proud to provide a solution that not only fortifies defenses against sophisticated fraud threats but also prioritizes genuine users' experience,” said Jack Alton, CEO at NeuroID. “By interpreting the subtle nuances in real-time user behavior, we proactively identify and thwart malicious actors while ensuring seamless interactions for legitimate customers. It's a game-changer for businesses seeking both robust security and customer satisfaction.”

NeuroID’s behavioral analytics is available now through Experian’s fraud prevention solutions. To learn more about Experian’s fraud prevention solutions, please visit https://www.experian.com/business/solutions/fraud-management.