Radware fights AI-driven bots with AI and cryptography

March 27, 2024
Radware Bot Manager proactively and surgically mitigates a new generation of aggressive AI-driven, human-like bots without blocking legitimate users.

Radware today introduced a new evolution of its Radware Bot Manager, now equipped with AI-based protections. Designed to prioritize the end user experience and meet the needs of enterprise security teams, it proactively and surgically mitigates a new generation of aggressive AI-driven, human-like bots without blocking legitimate users.

“The newest edition of our Radware Bot Manager is primed to fight AI with AI,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer. “Generative AI tools are being used by hackers to create and debug never-before-seen scripts in minutes and then launch bot attacks that mimic legitimate human traffic to evade detection. Radware Bot Manager is designed to automatically defend against these sophisticated attacks, protecting the end user experience and assisting in reducing costly business impacts, including customer churn, low conversion rates, fines, and lost revenues.”

The high-volume AI-driven bot attacks are overloading application infrastructures by circumventing standard bot management solutions that rely on predefined and known signatures, CAPTCHAs, and rate limiting for defense. Today, nearly a third of internet traffic is made up of bad bots that are used to scrape website content without permission, steal data, take over accounts, poach user credentials, and commit fraud and other malicious activities.

To provide comprehensive application security, Radware’s automated AI-based Bot Manager takes a proactive three-pronged approach to protection. This includes: 

  • Preemptive protection: Preemptively blocks unwanted IPs and identities, automatically preventing noise and garbage bot traffic from reaching applications by using Radware’s proprietary technology. This includes Radware’s one-of-a-kind AI-based Correlation Engine, iOS and Android device attestation for mobile apps, and new advanced behind-the-scenes identity challenges for web applications. 
  • Behavioral-based detection: Uses AI- and intent-based detection algorithms to detect zeroday bot scripts, human-like bots, and sophisticated distributed attacks. New product features automatically and accurately detect IP and ID Rotators, HTTP Header Anomalies, CAPTCHA Farms, and Distributed Traffic Anomalies.
  • Advanced mitigation: Offers a wide array of mitigation options, including CAPTCHA-less crypto challenges based on blockchain algorithms and new AI-based, real-time signature generation for highly accurate and granular protection. 

Radware Bot Manager is part of the company’s Cloud Application Protection Service, which offers a one-stop-shop for comprehensive, agnostic application protection. The service also includes the company’s leading web application firewall, as well as API, client-side, and application-layer DDoS protection.

Combining end-to-end automation, behavioral-based detection, and 24/7 managed services, the solution is designed to offer organizations the highest level of application protection with the lowest level of false positives.