A+ Technology & Security Solutions launches new virtual reality drills for schools

March 8, 2018
Integrator spearheads security training and preparedness program, creates conduit to help protect schools nationwide by offering the right training, assessment and preparation

Bay Shore, NY – March 7, 2018 – A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in school security technology integration, today announced that the company has added a Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) and Comprehensive Safety Training Division incorporating virtual reality, to continue its mission of helping schools nationwide stay safe and secure.  Launched in 2017, these educational safety training seminars have helped make A + Technology the thought leaders on school security. The seminars are hosted either at the company’s headquarters in Bay Shore, NY or at individual school locations and is intended to help schools be completely prepared to respond quickly to potential security threats and help limit their liability.   With the growing number of active shooter incidents, aggression and bullying in schools, A+ Technology has taken security to a new grade with the launch of its virtual reality training drills that virtualize the school environment and provide an immersive training experience for faculty and students covering active shooter, crisis intervention, emergency response and much more. 

A+ Technology & Security Solutions is proud to have joined forces with long time security veteran, Joseph Pangaro, a retired Police Lieutenant from Monmouth County, NJ to deliver the Comprehensive Safety Training Program that provide schools with the real-life training necessary to mitigate the risk of an emergency situation.  “With the launch of our new virtual reality active shooter simulation for students and staff members, A+ Technology is helping schools become proactive in preparing for the worst-case scenarios,” states David Antar, President of A + Technology & Security Solutions.  “By showing them how to respond and react in a live virtual environment is just as important as helping them learn how to prevent incidents by securing entrances, deploying panic buttons, and implementing an integrated communication system with local police departments.”

A+ Technology has taken integration to the next level by not only educating school administrators on the latest security technology, but working with top tier security professionals to offer comprehensive security training programs and TVRAs from the experienced perspective of law enforcement and first responders. The company has opened the door to the future with its new virtual reality drills to enable schools to be able to respond in a crisis situation efficiently and effectively.  For further information on upcoming security preparedness seminars being held at the A+ Technology & Security Solutions headquarters at 1490 North Clinton Avenue, Bay Shore, NY 11706 , call 631-675-2255, or send an email to [email protected]. A+ Technology & Security Solutions continues to be a thought leader on school security & public safety and will continue to raise the grade on this subject matter.