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Campus Security Initiatives

July 8, 2024
A comprehensive, multi-layered security strategy that takes advantage of the latest technologies and best practices can boost campus safety.

With security concerns more prevalent than ever on campuses, SecurityInfoWatch offers this eHandbook providing practical information and strategies to help security stakeholders identify and implement solutions for improving campus safety. 

Here are some highlights of what you'll learn by downloading this eHandbook: 

  • Unification hits high marks for Clemson University campus safety and security roadmap
    Clemson University conducts full-scale security upgrades using Genetec Security Center for access control and video surveillance.
  • Florence 1 Schools puts the focus back on student learning
    Evolv Express security screening solution provides a more accurate and accepting method of security students.
  • How to reduce the campus e-cigarette risks and control the vaping epidemic
    Sensor and physical hardening can meet the challenges faced by school districts.

Sponsored by: STI, Genetec, Evolv Technology