Route1 Addresses Healthcare Secure Computing Needs

June 16, 2006
UHN radiologists and physicians to use MobiKEY for remote access to medical technology

TORONTO -- Recognizing that healthcare providers require cost effective and secure access to technology resources from beyond the boundaries of hospitals and medical centres, Route1, Inc.(TM) (TSX-V:ROI) has announced that its secure, identity-managed computing solutions are redefining the way the healthcare sector works.

Route1 provides a combination of technologies that enable healthcare workers to effectively access critical computing resources from any location. Radiologists and physicians within the University Health Network (UHN) are among the first to benefit from Route1's server-based solution, which combines the Route1 MobiKEY (an ultra-portable computing device that securely connects users to desktop and network resources from any Internet-enabled Windows-based PC) and Route1 MobiNET (a service delivery platform for secure identity management).

"MobiKEY has been an invaluable tool for radiologists and physicians that require secure access to the UHN network from outside the hospital environment," said Luis Faustino, senior PACS analyst, University Health Network. "Route1's technology provides fast and easy remote connectivity to critical resources, and eliminates concerns around security and other threats. Since the connection is made to these resources from behind our corporate firewall, there is no risk of a security breach and we remain compliant with rigid regulatory requirements."

By using Route1's technology, UHN healthcare workers can securely access and utilize Picture Archival and Communications Systems (PACS), Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) from practically any Internet-enabled PC located outside of the healthcare environment - all while complying with regulatory requirements. Route1 empowers healthcare workers at UHN to seamlessly access the PACS application while providing a secured network for transmission of patient information and secure remote access to workstations for interpreting and viewing images. This saves software licensing costs for UHN and has the added advantage of providing access to long and short-term storage archives of images and reports.

"MobiKEY is so convenient and simple to use, and has built-in security above and beyond what is required of the healthcare sector," said Dave Williams, president and CEO of Thunder Bay Medical Centre Diagnostics. "Providing the ability to work flexibly and securely outside the network, without burdening IT support teams is the reason why Route1's MobiKEY works so well for the healthcare market."

"Route1 solves several issues faced by the Imaging and Radiology departments of major healthcare organizations nationwide through access to secured networks and resources from any location," said Andrew White, CEO of Route1. "Route1 eliminates the need for healthcare workers to always be onsite at a healthcare facility, which increases patient and physician satisfaction, boosts productivity, and reduces related costs."

Route1 is a trusted provider of secure, identity-managed computing solutions that redefine the way people work. Route1's technology empowers the workforce to securely extend access to their data, applications and network resources beyond the boundaries of the workplace. At the heart of Route1's solution is MobiNET, a service delivery platform for secure identity management. MobiNET works in tandem with the MobiKEY, an ultra-portable computing device that securely connects users to their desktop and network resources from any Internet-enabled Windows-based PC. Headquartered in Toronto, Route1 is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (symbol: ROI) and has offices in New York, California, and Florida. For more information, visit