SMSI offers unique security consultation services

May 29, 2008
Company works as an outsourcing outlet for security management

Security Management Services International continues to provide security management expertise to businesses and healthcare enterprises. These services include threat and vulnerability assessments, security design and project management, and the establishment of employee involved security awareness programs. These services are provided by Board Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) certified in security management. All members of the SMSI Inc. team have more than 20 years experience in diversified security management. The essential mission is to develop programs that effectively protect persons as well as assets.

The President of SMSI Inc. is William Nesbitt, CPP, a security professional with more than 30 years of diverse experience. Bill is an experienced security manager having managed security operations across a broad spectrum of industries. He has provided his expertise to numerous hospitals, shopping malls, the biotech industry, and the lodging industry, to name just a few. He has testified as a forensic security expert in more than 500 litigations covering 46 states.

A novel and unique service offered by Security Management Services International, Inc. is their Security Management Support program: Their Security Management Support program (SMS) provides SMSI's clients with a high level of security management expertise on a continual basis without the accompanying payroll burden. Every business enterprise needs qualified security expertise, but some enterprises may not require it on a daily basis. SMSI steps into this void by providing Security Management Support for existing security programs. By outsourcing security management, clients will enjoy the benefits of seasoned expertise without the expense of a high-paid in house professional.

How does this program work?

Security Management Support is initiated after completion of thorough security assessment. Once the needs of the enterprise have been established, SMSI will recommend cost effective changes and modifications. From this point forward SMSI will stand with their client by helping to improve and modify the existing security program with an eye to keeping that program relevant and effective into the future. A key element, SMSI will provide a web-based incident tracking and management system and will monitor that system so that rapid responses can be applied to ever emerging trends. SMSI's Security Management Support program will provide experienced expertise to your security program without the addition of significant payroll burden.