Fire Products

May 6, 2011
Panels, detectors, more

Universal Life Safety-The FlexPower family from Life Safety Power consists of seven base power supplies and six accessory modules which can be grouped in any combination and supplied in either of two enclosures. The product line unit(s) can be deployed in access control, fire, security, CCTV and mass notification.

Fire Control Configuration-The Elite CP range of conventional fire control panels from VES Fire Detection Systems feature optional built-in communicator and are available with 2, 4 or 8 initiating circuits which may be extensively configured via a simple front panel operated programming method. Alarm verification is selectable by zone and auxiliary power is configurable to power off on fire condition.

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detection-Visonic's MCT-427 wireless smoke and heat detector monitors temperature changes and activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) and starts increasing rapidly. In the event of a fire, it emits visual and voice warnings and the control panel instantly forwards the alert to a central station and/or private phone number.

Network Interface Cuts Costs-System Sensor's FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology model 8100 detector features integral TCP/IP connectivity which allows up to six individuals to receive e-mail notifications that discreetly identify which unit is the initiating device and the location and details of the event. This interface enables facility managers to monitor the detector from any Internet browser, smartphone or mobile device with VPN capability.

Protection Through Fire Vents-Bilco's Lumivent Automatic Fire Vent is designed to open automatically in the event of fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape from a burning building. Vent actuation is enabled with Bilco's patented Thermolatch II latching mechanism which prevents inadvertent opening of the covers that can be caused by wind or building vibrations.

Beam Detection Instructional Videos Now Online-Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) launched a new line of training and technical support videos on its Web site at The videos give a visual walk-through of the step-by-step process to correctly commission the company's FIRERAY 5000 and FIRERAY 50/100R reflective beam smoke detectors.

Alert Notification, With and Without Sound-Safety Technology International's (STI) supervised cover with sound (STI-6517S) mounts into the STI Stopper Station series of buttons. When lifted, an alert sounds and a signal is sent to the receiver. It includes a two-channel transmitter. When the cover with sound and supervised wireless (STI-6517SW) is lifted, the selectable alert sounds and a wireless signal is sent to the receiver (requires STI-34104 or STI-34108).