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Oct. 22, 2010
X-Ray & explosives detection technology, identification technologies & accessories and access control readers

X-Ray & Explosives Detection Technology

Particle & Vapor Analysis

Smiths Detection's IONSCAN 500DT (pictured) and Multi-Mode Threat Detectors (MMTD) are being used to check hand luggage for traces of explosives immediately before passengers board flights heading to the United States. The detectors, one desktop and the other hand-held, provide particle and vapor analysis by using Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology, detecting both explosives and narcotics from a single sample. Rugged design and portability enable the systems to be moved easily to different boarding areas.
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X-Ray Diffraction-Based EDS

Morpho Detection Inc.'s XRD 3500 X-ray Diffraction-based explosives detection system (EDS) can accurately distinguish explosives from non-threat materials in luggage without the need to open the bag or remove its contents. The unit's low false alarm rate results in a simplified inspection process. The technology identifies materials based on their molecular composition, not densities or other less distinctive characteristics. As a result, the unit can identify potentially threatening substances in many forms, including powders, solids and liquids. The device recently passed testing to meet European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 technical specifications, the requirement for complying with the European Union's Standard 3 for hold baggage screening.
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Nuclear/Radiological Material Detection

The ORTEC Products Group of AMETEK Advanced Measurement has released ORTEC Detective Mobile, an intelligent, modular solution for nuclear and radiological material detection, identification and mapping. The system incorporates both high-purity Germanium detectors and advanced software analysis technology to provide highly reliable, stand-off detection of improvised nuclear or nuclear dispersal devices (IND/RDD). The system offers real-time radionuclide detection and identification through the use of portable Interchangeable Detector Modules (IDMs) that act as intelligent "detector nodes," supplying streams of data to a central analysis computer. Suspected materials are identified and displayed in real time on a moving map.
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Bottled Liquid Screening

ICx Technologies Inc.'s Fido ClearPoint is designed to tackle the challenges of screening bottled liquids in the pressure-filled, fast-paced environment of airport security checkpoints by rapidly and accurately identifying suspicious liquids through their containers. The unit's innovative design makes it easy for containers of various sizes and shapes to be efficiently sampled without having to open them. The technology is optimized to reduce false alarm rates and provide prompt, accurate identification of any suspicious liquids that might be a threat to passenger safety.
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Body Imaging Systems

Brijot Imaging Systems Inc.'s SafeScreen and MobileScan products feature the supplier's GEN 2 millimeter wave technology, which readily detects metallic and non-metallic concealed objects under or in a person's clothes such as liquids, explosives, weapons, drugs or cash. The system is able to do so without emitting any radiation or energy, making them safe, while also protecting personal privacy, since no anatomical details are revealed. SafeScreen (pictured) is designed for airports and other facilities that have limited space to incorporate large-scale technologies. MobileScan is a self-contained unit on wheels. It can be easily moved, plugged in and operational within minutes of arrival at any location. It is ideal for both primary screening and secondary screening, or for use in conjunction with intelligence for random screening.
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Mobile Inspection Station

American Science and Engineering Inc.'s MobileSearch High-Energy (HE) cargo and vehicle inspection system features both high-energy transmission and proprietary Z Backscatter X-ray imaging for detecting threats and contraband including weapons, explosives, drugs and currency. The system offers multiple scan modes for high speed scanning of passenger vehicles or oversized or odd-shaped cargo in either "drive-by" mode to scan stationary objects, or "portal" mode to scan vehicles as they drive past. The system is ideal for homeland security and drug interception missions at seaports, border crossings and other checkpoints.
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Air Cargo Inspection

The Rapiscan Eagle A1000 X-ray system performs comprehensive inspection of air cargo containers and pallets. In a matter of seconds, the system automatically scans air cargo containers and pallets as they move through the portal unit on a conveyor system or as they are towed through on dollies. An inspector evaluates the resulting image to find hidden contraband, such as explosives, weapons and narcotics. The system has recently been added to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List.
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Identification Technologies & Accessories


HID Global has expanded its secure identity credentials offering to support the latest MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology. The MIFARE DESFire EV1 card is available in PVC and durable composite PET/PVC construction, and can accept an embeddable contact chip for logical access ID systems. The cards can be programmed to user specifications and fully personalized with a range of customization options that are offered through the supplier's Identity on Demand services. MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology delivers transaction times of less than 100 milliseconds for a typical secure transaction.
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ID Card Lamination System

Evolis has introduced Securion, a system designed to personalize and laminate cards. The system personalizes and provides protection to an array of badges, from highly secured access control to fraud-proof ID applications. The compact printer comes with a color printing module and a lamination station, enabling dual-sided personalization. The badge is first processed through graphical and electrical personalization; next, a protective film, in the format of a varnish or a patch, is applied by a hot roller over the entire card surface. The process is carried out in a single pass.
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Badge/Card Holder

The One Hander Card Holder from EK Ekcessories features a similar design as a flip cell phone - the face of the protective clear case flips open to expose the ID or Proximity card for scanning and in the closed position it has a protective shield to prevent unauthorized scanning of the card. The unit holds up to two CAC or TWIC cards and reduces wear and tear because the card does not have to be removed to be scanned. While closed, the clear case provides protection, significantly reducing lost badges. The product comes with a safety breakaway lanyard.
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Automated Badge Kiosk

Quintron's multimedia Automated Badge Issuance and Information Kiosk (ABIIK) issues a PVC-based badge with magnetic stripe, proximity or smart card identification/access technologies without staff intervention. Individuals seeking access enter their social security number and provide unique biometric information. An access control computer sends the original biometric enrollment data to the kiosk, where the data is compared. If a match has been determined, the kiosk issues a badge to the user. The kiosk operates in a stand-alone or network mode allowing for connection to databases or security systems.
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Retransfer Printer/Laser Engraving Combo

The EDIsecure Laser Color Personalization System (LCP 9000) from Digital Identification Solutions is ideal for high-secure corporate and government applications. It integrates the advantages of high-quality XID Retransfer color printing and secure laser engraving on a single card in a one-step process. The system can produce high-security features such as: on-demand personalization of data as micro text, CLI and MLI, tactile effects, high resolution gradient UV printing, electronic guilloche, and IPI (Invisible Personal Information), making credential forgery and manipulation impossible.
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Photo Capture Camera for ID Badges

Keyscan Inc.'s USB-CAM is designed for use at ID badge photo capture stations. Fully integrating with the supplier's Photo Identification (K-BADGE) and Visitor Management (K-VIS) modules, the camera enables users to capture photos directly from the supplier's software, saving time searching for files. The camera features a CCD sensor to provide optimal image quality, a flexible gooseneck arm for easy camera control, and camera video feed and power are provided through a 2.0 USB. TWAIN-compliant software drivers make installation and setup easy.
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Retransfer Card Printers

Datacard Group's SR200 and SR300 (pictured) retransfer card printers are designed for full-color, over-the-edge printing in single- or dual-sided applications. The SR200 is ideal for single-sided applications; and the SR300 offers dual-sided printing and also encodes smart card chips and magnetic stripes. The optional laminator can apply the supplier's topcoats or laminates to help extend card life and strengthen card security. Both printers protect cards and ribbons with electronic locks, and a security erase feature blocks out black text on used ribbons to obscure cardholder data.
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Reverse Transfer Printer

The Magicard Prima 4 reverse-transfer printer from Ultra Electronics is designed for the personalization of contactless or dual-interface cards, where card surfaces may vary in flatness and/or composition. Key features of the printer include: a robust and reliable print engine, capable of printing large card volumes; built-in Ethernet and USB 2.0; a range of add-in contact chip, contactless chip and magnetic encoding options; built-in bend remedy; and an inline laminator. The printer is available in both single and double-sided versions.
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Access Control Readers

Mid-Range Keypad Prox Reader

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' Schlage SXF2110P-K mid-range keypad/proximity card reader is ideal for applications using legacy proximity systems in which end-users wish to incorporate two-step verification to gain access. Operating at 125 kHz, the up to six-inch (15.24 cm) read range reader conveniently integrates into existing proximity-based access control systems and is compatible with most popular proximity credentials. The readers feature potted electronics and circuitry for protection against inclement weather.
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Smart Card Reader

Gemalto's PROX DU smart card reader for physical and logical access control makes it convenient to securely access a host of applications using both contactless and contact technologies with a single device - including employee corporate badge, electronic identity and healthcare. The unit features a sleek, lightweight design and runs on native Windows OS drivers. It requires no additional software installation for the end-user, and the unit is implemented by simply plugging the device into a USB port.
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Proximity Reader

Essex Electronics' RoxProx proximity reader is built for tough environments. The extreme duty, weatherproof (IP66 Rated) reader features a modern professional design, stainless steel construction, epoxy encapsulated electronics and Genuine HID Technology. It is is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The unit reads HID 125kHz proximity cards and fobs (up to 91 bits) with up to 2-inch read range. Mullion mount and single gang versions are available for either flush or surface mount installations.
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Mid-Range Proximity Reader

The P-710 Andes Proximity Reader from Farpointe Data is the newest member of the supplier's Pyramid Series Proximity line of access control readers, cards and tags. Operating from 5 to 14 VDC, the medium-range reader features a read range of up to 15 inches (380 mm). Its one-piece design is intended to be mounted to metal or plastic U.S. single gang boxes, as well as any non-metallic flat surface. The unit is fully potted, providing for either indoor or outdoor installation, and includes both Wiegand and magnetic stripe outputs, making it compatible with all standard access control systems.
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Mobile FIPS 201 PIV II Reader

Codebench Inc. has partnered with Cross Match Technologies Inc., to offer a mobile solution for the validation and registration of FIPS 201 PIV II-compliant credentials. Codebench's PIVCheck software suite - an end-to-end card validation, authentication and registration solution for HSPD-12 compliance - is now integrated with Cross Match's Be.U Mobile rugged handheld reader (pictured). The mobile biometric scanner is designed for rapid mobile fingerprint capture and smart card authentication and features an integrated LCD graphic display that delivers high quality images in the field for rapid verification of subjects' identities.
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Intelligent Magnetic Stripe Reader

The RF IDeas pcSwipe intelligent magnetic stripe card reader is a solution for end-users wanting to leverage their existing base of magnetic stripe card-carrying personnel. The reader is compatible with the billions of magnetic stripe cards in circulation worldwide. In addition to numerous flush mounting options, key features include bi-directional swiping capability and fast swipe speeds for maximum usability. The reader can be used as a standalone system, or it can be integrated with other software applications using the optional software developer's kit (SDK).
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Fingerprint/Smart Card Reader

SecuGen's iD-USB SC/PIV is a combined fingerprint and smart card reader that is fully FIPS 201/PIV compliant. The unit, now listed on the General Services Administration's FIPS 201 Approved Products List (GSA APL), is targeted at the rapidly growing number of government and commercial projects and applications that combine fingerprint biometrics and smart cards. The reader contains the supplier's PIV-compliant optical fingerprint sensor, which is certified to meet the FBI's Image Quality Specifications. The biometric sensor has a rugged, scratch-resistant platen and captures accurate fingerprints. The unit also contains an HID smart card reader that is PCSC-compliant.
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Multi-Discipline Reader

The Time and Security Division of Amano Cincinnati Inc. recently released its advanced Multi-Discipline Reader (MDR) for physical access control. The 125 kHz Prox and ISO 14443 reader is a contactless smart card reader ideal for customers migrating from popular 125 kHz Prox cards to highly secure 13.56 MHz ISO14443 contactless smart cards. The readers offer a range of card compatibility, including MIFARE, DESFire, SmartMX, iClass, along with all HID, EM or Amano 125kHz Prox card formats. The reader is available without keypad (MDR), or with a 12-button keypad (MDK), enabling PIN-code entry for an extra layer of protection.
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