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Oct. 27, 2008
Top Security Executive, International

This month we take a look at the top international security position, the international security executive. This is the most senior international security position in the organization with direct line responsibility. This position does not have domestic security accountabilities, but is domiciled in the United States .

Job Description:

• Accountable for developing, implementing and directing a responsible, company-wide international security program.

• Directs the international security staff in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security processes across the organization to reduce risks, respond to incidents and limit exposure to liability.

• Identifies significant security risks and designs and implements strategies and programs to prevent and reduce loss of assets.

• Through subordinate site managers operating in an international environment or facility, coordinates and implements site security, operations and activities to ensure protection of executives, managers, employees, physical assets, intellectual properties and information assets, while ensuring optimal use of personnel and equipment.

• Develops and implements policies and programs in response to criminal financial loss, crime against persons, sabotage, threats, emergencies, illegal acts, and property or environmental crimes.

• May coordinate the safety of international network and information system environments for the international business units.

• May be responsible for network/IS technical security architecture, network and system designs, implementation and management of systems and programs for the prevention of system hacking and virus protection.

• Working with in-country agencies and staff, directs the approach, deployment and execution of investigations.

• Maintains close relationships with high-level law enforcement, intelligence and private-sector counterparts to include in-country security and international security agencies.

• Researches and deploys state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative security management techniques to safeguard the organization's assets.

Qualification Guidelines:

Master's degree or international equivalent in an area of study relevant to this position and more than 15 years of experience with a major corporation and/or law enforcement, intelligence, public service or private-sector security organization; or bachelor's degree or international equivalent in an area of study relevant to this position and more than 20 years of experience with a major law enforcement, intelligence, public or private-sector security organization. Demonstrated experience and exposure in the international security arena.

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