New Products October '05

Oct. 27, 2008

Reliable IP Camera
The IQeye501 from IQinVision delivers high-speed, 1.3 megapixel images and low-light performance in an affordable, low-profile package. The IQeye501’s simple design makes IP Video easy and economical for the user. From small systems using IQrecorder On-Camera NVR software to enterprise-wide NVR/DVR systems, the IQeye501 ensures that all of the details are clearly captured. For additional information visit

Expandable DVRs
CPCAM’s PASA Series DVR combines the latest security technology with innovative design. MPEG-4 compression offers real time recording and playback at 30 IPS per channel (480 total IPS for 16-channel CPD507 shown in picture). Its network ability offers borderless control. GPRS, DVD R/W, VGA output, and Independent Disk Array are just some of the optional hardware the user can add to expand PASA’s performance. For more information, visit

Color Mini Dome Camera
Tatung Company of America has developed a high performance, high resolution, auto-switching day/night, color mini dome camera that is suitable for demanding CCTV applications. This camera is designed for indoor and outdoor environments that require vandal-resistant integrity. Three (3) ways, pan/tilt and swivel gimbals camera positioning, 3.6 to 9 mm varifocal lens assures easy wall or ceiling mount installations. A true motorized DC auto iris lens, super high sensitive 1/3” CCD, and photo-electrically controlled IR LED array allows for high quality images to be produced at very low light levels. For more information, visit

Network DVRs
The C-DR091 (9 channel) and C-DR161 (16 channel) network digital video recorders from TOA Electronics, Inc. offer several choices of high-capacity hard disk drives. A DVD recorder is available with both versions, allowing convenient data archiving and storage. Other features include remote surveillance using a standard network browser, and secure user access by way of USB log-in. The built-in Network Time Protocol (NTP) server ensures automatic and reliable system time synchronization. For more information, visit

IP Devices
IMAG’s Blue232 and Blue232-IP devices utilize secure wireless Bluetooth technology to upgrade legacy technologies. Through the use of a virtual COM port each Blue232-IP unit is able to re-route serial RS232 data to a TCP-IP port. Serial communication and control locally can now be accomplished globally. Multiple data rates accepted with minimal configuration required. For more information, visit

Network Cameras with Two-Way Audio Communication
The VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera from Canon features Power over Ethernet which simplifies installation by allowing it to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable. In addition, the new VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera and the new Canon VB-C50i/R Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera now feature two-way audio, designed to meet the critical needs of an ever-wider range of applications, including telemedicine, distance learning, Webcasting, video conferencing and security monitoring. For more information, visit

PC Programmable Phone System
The AX Series from Aiphone Communications offers seamless integration into existing security systems including CCTV, electronic access control and PBX systems. The system supports up to 8 master stations and 120 sub-stations all wired on CAT-5 or fiber optic cable. The AX Series is PC programmable. The black colored master stations feature stylish design with round buttons and are available in audio only and audio/video styles. The audio/video master has a bright 3-1/2” color TFT LCD. The system utilizes open voice communication with both Push to Talk and Vox communication over two talk channels. The system is wired via Cat-5 or optic cable to a rack mounted exchange unit. For more information, visit

Mini Delayed Egress Lock
The SDC Mini Exit Check 1581S Series Delayed Egress Lock features several new attributes, including a smaller and slimmer housing that incorporates a 650lb holding force magnetic lock, 15 second exit delay, lock status outputs, access and REX input, and a more subdued alarm tone. For UBC, OSHPD and California State compliance, the Mini Exit Check features a field selectable “manual power-up” after power loss or emergency release. For more information, visit

Track Mounted OverHead Door Contact
The Tane-66 track mounted overhead door contact allows the installer to put a commercial grade contact in without the fear of having it knocked off due to a fork lift or vandal. This contact attaches to the roller track of the door. The adjustable magnet side can be attached in different ways to allow for maximum gap. This keeps the contact out of harms way and can be mounted as high or as low as the installer would like. The Tane-66 dimensions are 3.07” W X 1.80 H X 2.6” D and comes with a premium anti-kinking armored cable. For more information, visit

Network Video Server/Transmitter
The Network Video Server/Transmitter from Entel America is a true network video recording solution. With IP Network and MPEG-4 technology, users can record hundreds of remote surveillance cameras located anywhere in the world. Some of its many features include: 30 fps per camera; up to 720x480 resolution; network monitoring; network recording; network playback; remote controlling; unlimited network storage (DAS, RAID, NAS or SAN); internal built-in motion detection; sensor input; alarm output; remote PTZ control; multiple view stations with multiple camera viewing per each view station. For more information, visit

Alarm Management Software
Bold Technologies’ Maverick is the company’s latest Windows-based, professional central station automation and alarm management software. A solution for monitoring facilities and central stations that are start ups or corporate environments such as universities, hospitals, banks, and law enforcement agencies, Maverick requires little operator training and can be quickly installed and running. For more information, visit

Super Size It
Ionit introduces the i-Server, a super-sized server designed to provide digital video storage for up to 5 years. More than a 24/7 security and management solution, the i-Server provides years of high-resolution video for evidentiary support. The i-Server is available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 channel configurations recording up to 480 fps. All Ionit systems are designed to integrate with existing fire and burglar alarms, access control and HVAC systems. Visit

Remote Hosted Access System
iAccess, from Synergistics Inc., is an advanced, multi-featured remote hosted access control system. Residing at one of Synergistics authorized Central Station Partners, iAccess communicates securely via the Internet to control entry to facilities. Through the use of one or more intelligent controllers installed in the facility, the central station can utilize iAccess to control up to 255 different access levels and entry points. iAccess is easy to implement and allows customers to pay an affordable and predictable monthly fee for complete access control protection. iAccess is built on a fully networkable, IP-addressable through TCP/IP via the Internet/Intranet/LAN or wireless connection. The software is available with an MSDE or MS SQL database for robust functionality and data integrity. For more information, visit

Cylindrical Lever Lockset
Marks USA debuts its first decorative cylindrical lever lockset. The design matches the Monaco series of tubular locksets, but is available in most keyed functions. In addition, it comes in polished brass with a Lifetime finish warranty. As in the other “Survivor” series, this lockset is built around the Marks USA “Clutch” mechanism for extended life. Presently available in ANSI grade two, it satisfies applications where a decorative but reliable heavy-duty lever lockset is required. For more information, visit

Control Home or Business From a PC Browser
The ELK-M1XEP from Elk Products connects M1 controls to the Internet or LAN for programming, monitoring, remote control, email notifications, etc. M1 controls can interface security, automation, lighting and HVAC. Built-in web server eliminates need for local pc server. Includes secure user interface. For more information, visit

Hand-Sized Camera
The D-Cam 600 Series from Video Domain Technologies features a high-quality, high-sensitivity, pinhole camera, PIR sensor, microphone and adjustable timer, covertly packed in a standard PIR casing with option of Video over UTP which connects to a standard cable. The D-Cam 600 comes in a new slim design, with an almost invisible camera hole underneath the surface. There are a variety of models, with some equipped for recording in very low lighting conditions—from 0.003 LUX, while others provide the option of video transmission over unshielded twisted pair UTP. The D-Cam can be used as add-on cameras for security installations, feeding to CCTV monitors, transmitters and DVRs. They are also available without audio. For more information, visit

Proximity Card Technology
The Cardman 5125 from OmniKey is based on HID’s industry standard access control proximity card technology, and reads the unique card from any HID proximity card. Based on a 125kHz RFID interface that reads the card number from HID proximity cards, the CardMan 5125 allows organizations to implement new PC-linked applications without the need to re-badge cardholders. The CardMan is compatible to format everything from a 26-bit format to a Corporate 1000 format and everything in between. The USB connection allows fast installation, and a versatile reader design offers users a variety of mounting and card presentation options. For more information, visit

All-In-One Keypad
The K1 Series from Essex Electronics, Inc. is an indestructible, weatherproof, all-in-one access control keypad. Easily configured in the field, the K1 provides a migration path from a 500 user stand alone access controller to a compatible Keypad Reader (26 Bit Wiegand, 8 Bit Word, Serial ASCII, and more). The K1 Series is now available with an Encoded Relay Module for PC programmable standalone access control. When more doors are desired, the K1 can be easily reconfigured in the field as a keypad reader. For more information, visit

Reduce Ground Loop Interference
The GB001 Ground Loop Isolator from Firesight-CCTV is a passive device that can reduce ground loop interference with CCTV video signals and can be easily installed in a new system or added to existing systems. It’s useful where a video signal is transmitted via cable between points with difference ground potentials. Differences in ground potential are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads. The GB001 prevents video signal distortion caused by video ground loops, eliminating picture tearing, humming bars, cross talk and rolling. It prevents power cables laid by others from interfering with the CCTV system. For more information, visit

New Line of Locks
Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. adds the Narrow Stile line of Trilogy Locks. The line of PIN and PIN/Prox Locks adds field-proven pushbutton convenience for 100-2000 code or HID Prox users of aluminum doors with Adams Rite latch locks. There are three different series to choose from. The DL1200 Series supports 100 users and is fingertip and/or keypad programmable. It includes 2 Lithium 3V batteries. For support of many users, the DL1300 Series can maintain 2000 users and includes 40,000 event audit trail and 500 event schedule. It’s also keypad or PC programmable and includes 2 Lithium 3V batteries. For the support of both PIN and Prox, the PDL1300 accommodates both and carries the same features as the DL1300 Series. They offer keyless access and audit trail anywhere there’s an aluminum narrow stile door. These new Narrow Stile Locks offer a complete optional electronic and mechanical access retrofit kit that includes Trilogy electronic narrow stile trim and mechanical Adam’s Rite 4900 Series dead latch lock. For more information, visit

Instant Voltage Verification Gentex Corporation introduces the Checkmate Instant Voltage Verification feature to the Commander2, Commander3 and Commander4 Series to measure voltage quickly and easily. When using the Checkmate Instant Voltage Verification, insert the probe on the last signal to read the Circuit Voltage and Current Draw. The test ports are quick and easy, and no more guess work and calculating is needed. The Checkmate is part of the Super-Slide bracket, famous for pre-wiring the system, testing for supervision and cutting installation time down by 80%. For more information, visit

A Security Management System
Software House’s C*CURE 800 version 9.0 is a reliable security management system that offers even the most security-conscious customers, such as government and enterprise facilities, a scalable and highly configurable solution. Powerful support for extended card capabilities such as government cards, multiple cards, and PIN-only credentials, makes the C*CURE 800 a versatile security solution.

Bullet Style Camera
NetMedia, Inc. releases a “bullet” style, high resolution modulated security camera, featuring a machined, billet aluminum housing for sturdy, weather-resistant outdoor applications. The cameras are designed to be durable, functional, secure and stylish. To increase coverage area, the cameras can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling, enabling vertical adjustment and 360 degrees of rotational adjustment. For maximum security, the cabling is routed internally with tamper-resistant wiring. The cameras are available in b/w, color or IR sensitive models and in several housing colors including white, silver, black and ivory. NetMedia’s exclusive “One Wire Installation” for viewing multiple surveillance cameras on multiple televisions is available on the NM-MODCAM models, allowing for power and modulated video to run on a single coax cable. For more information, visit

Easy as Pie
The eMerge 50 and eMerge 440 Browser Managed Security Platforms from International Electronics, Inc.(IEI) offer an easy-to-use web browser interface, Linux operating system, MySQL database and web server all embedded within the product. The eMerge 50 brings the benefits of a network architecture to basic access control applications. The expanded eMerge 440 handles a broad range of security functions such as real time monitoring, elevator control, video monitoring and photo ID in an integrated package. For more information, visit

Multi-Functional Environmental Units
The EnviroAlert from Winland Electronics can simultaneously monitor temperature, humidity and presence of water to help minimize potential damage in any critical environment. The EA200 is a dual zone unit providing simultaneous operation using the on-board temp sensor and/or any one of the remote temp, humidity or WaterBug water sensor probes. The EA400 will simultaneously monitor four zones with any combination of the remote probes. The versatility of the EnviroAlert is suited for applications including: coolers, freezers, computer rooms, greenhouses, cell tower sites, laundry rooms, basement sump wells, etc. Features include: temperature and humidity Hi/Lo set points; temperature range coverage from –58 to 299 ° F; new high and low temp thermistor probes for remote monitoring; defrost time delay up to 120 minutes; eight event alarm memory with time and date; auxiliary output relay for local audible alarm; offset calibration adjustment for each zone; and programming retained in memory if power is lost. For additional information, visit

Wide Angle Varifocal Lens Tekstar Optical introduces a 6x Day/Night ultra wide aspherical, IR coated varifocal lens with DC auto iris. The TEK2515DCIR offers a wide angle varifocal range of 2.5 to 15mm. The TEK2515DCIR is suitable as a single lens approach for various industrial and commercial applications. For additional information, visit