The Electric Bullet

Oct. 27, 2008
Topping the Tech Update Chart

PUT A TIGER IN YOUR TANK...Sanyo Security Products new DVR, the DSR-5016, is code-named Tiger. Tiger presents advanced recording, display, storage, PTZ control and network features in one unit.

The combination of Tiger with the new release of compatible software (code name Spider) provides a flexible and efficient means of security video monitoring and recording through networks.

Tiger uses JPEG2000 next-generation technology. Two features of JPEG2000 include Progressive Compression for optimized network transmission of images, and ROI (Region of Interest) for targeted detailed compression.

“Tiger is one of the first digital recorders to include JPEG2000 video compression, which results in smaller file sizes, making it an efficient means of recording. It also includes two-channel MP3 audio recording for smaller audio files,” states Raul Calderon, Sanyo’s national product development manager.

The use of JPEG2000 allows the recorder to compress video with better image quality, smaller file size and less block noise. ROI allows more accurate definition of key areas and the ability to minimize other areas. Selected recorded areas can be individually compressed, resulting in better image clarity than those in unselected areas. “It’s a tremendous identification feature as you can block out everything except the Region of Interest,” explains Calderon.

The unit has a 120 ips high-speed engine for recording and playback. Up to four users, at a maximum of 30 ips per user, can take part in simultaneous playback. In addition, the unit offers 960 ips live picture display capability. The DSR-5016 is available in three standard storage capacities: 160GB, 300GB and 600GB. With its two internal hard drives of 300GB each, the DVR can store up to 600GB of video images.

Full networking capabilities allow local and remote access from any PC through a simple local area network or wide area network with a built-in Ethernet port. For more versatility, the network allows simultaneous multi-user access for each networked unit and provides e-mail notification of alarms.

Tiger also comes with PTZ telemetry that supports multiple manufacturers’ protocols for controlling up to 16 cameras directly from the DSR-5016 platform itself. For simple setup, easily accessible video and audio outputs are located on both the front and the back of the unit. For more information, visit

A FINGERPRINT-ACTIVATED DOOR KNOB...Tychi Systems, Inc. introduces BioKnob, the first doorknob with fingerprint recognition. Only users whose fingerprints are enrolled can turn the knob and open the door. It stores 100 sets of fingerprints without external computers or wires. A built-in audit feature records the last 1,000 entries by individual, date and time.

Sheng Deng, president of Tychi Systems, states “We wanted to adapt biometric technologies developed for government agencies and corporations to consumer products. It turned out to be harder than we thought, but after two and a half years, we are ready with a product we are proud of. Now homeowners and small businesses can benefit from advanced biometrics.”

Some of the benefits of a fingerprint activated lock are that people no longer carry, hide, forget or lose keys. Strangers can’t find a lost or hidden key. Burglars can’t pick the lock. Short-term guests do not need to be issued keys—their fingerprints can be erased after their stay. And, the audit feature tells parents when their children came home.

A tiny sensor at the center of the knob reads patterns when a finger is brushed across it. The pattern is transformed by software into a template, which is stored for future reference. No actual pictures of fingerprints are recorded, so no one can replicate fingerprints from the data.

The BioKnob runs on Lithium rechargeable batteries good for several months between charging, which is done by plugging in an AC adapter for about three hours. A warning signal tells the user when batteries run low. Tychi Systems designed and developed the BioKnob at their headquarters in Salem, NH. The company is dedicated solely to the development of biometric locks. For more information, visit

THE NAME SAYS IT ALL…Honeywell NexWatch brand (a part of Honeywell Access Systems) is now being called Honeywell Integrated Security. The name change is a result of research that indicated customers and integrators want to be associated with the Honeywell brand. The NexWatch Dealer Network will now be called Honeywell Authorized Security Integrators.

“Our customers are moving beyond just access control to providing a whole, integrated approach to security,” comments John Lorenty, president of Honeywell Access Systems. “We feel that by adopting the name Honeywell Integrated Security, we will exemplify what we are doing already with our products and services in delivering integrated security solutions.”

According to Honeywell Spokesperson June Colagreco, about 300 authorized dealers now qualify for this distinction. Most of these integrators are certified through specific training on Pro-Watch systems, she says and there is other criteria, like territory, additional training, etc.

For more information about Honeywell Integrated Security, or becoming a Honeywell Authorized Security Integrator, call 800-323-4576 or visit