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Oct. 27, 2008
The Latest in Product Delivery

Camera Available
Available from U.S. distributor VMI is the Sony RPU-C2512/RPU-C3522 360° camera. It features a 360° annular lens system, CCD image sensor, DSP, and proprietary software in a module solution designed for security, monitoring, and video conferencing applications.

The simple interface provides outputs of seven image sets via Sony proprietary software. Outputs derived from the raw 360° annular image include a Rear View Mirror mode. The design implements pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) functionality without the need for a mechanical device. The RPU-C2512 and RPU-C3522 are dual standard video signal systems: NTSC and PAL to enable the widest possible product development. With the video signal systems, the processed image can be directly displayed on a TV monitor. For more information, contact Julio Ancheta at [email protected].

Meeting Fire Testing Mandates
ADI is partnering with Regin HVAC products, a manufacturer of safe, non-toxic, accurate, smoke emitter products. The alliance comes in response to Fire Marshall and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) smoke detector and duct system testing mandates placed upon fire alarm dealers.

The Regin family of products provides valuable information on ventilation systems for outside make-up air, air filter efficiency, and overall indoor air environments for home, the work place, livestock industry, and industrial/factory settings. The Smoke Pen, for instance, is an innovative device that provides the right amount of test smoke when and where it is needed. It works like a mechanical pencil and offers a patented, smoke-emitting adjustable wick. It can be easily extinguished by putting the cap on. Regin’s Smoke Cartridges have several uses, including leak testing of ductwork, pipelines, heat exchangers and tanks. For more information, visit www.adilink.com.

A Turn-key Marketing Program
In other news, ADI joins forces with four manufacturers to offer a turn-key marketing program. SNAPIT (System Networking Application Portfolio Infrastructure Technology) seeks to deliver “big company technology” on a “small company budget.”

SNAPIT’s four founding members are Leviton Integrated Networks, Vodavi Phone Systems, Honeywell Security and Honeywell Cable Products. Their goal is to provide installers with customized technology solutions to increase their profits in the small business sector. While the applications offered by the SNAPIT program are the same across a variety of business sectors, the benefits for each application are framed for the particular customer’s context and budget.

Distributor Agreement
Costar Video Systems, a Texas-based manufacturer of security surveillance equipment announces a recent distributor agreement with The Systems Depot. The agreement increases the availability of Costar Video equipment to dealers.

Building its reputation on choice, value, and service, Costar has developed a complete product line featuring the latest technological advances. Among them are: the EnviroCam Series—a palm-sized, electronically environmentally-sealed camera housings for rugged surveillance demands; the StarDome Series—a high speed dome with pan/tilt capabilities up to 380s per second, 18X optical zoom (12X digital), 480 TVL high resolution; the CR0400 DVR Series—with 4, 9 or 16 inputs, 80 to 1000 GB of storage, Linux embedded OS, USB support, ML-JPEG compression; and an extensive line of fixed domes including vandal-resistant, and weatherproof 12VDC/24 VAC LL domes with varifocal lenses, utilizing Sony CCD chipsets providing 480 TVL resolution.

The Systems Depot, with 18 branches and three hubs along the eastern coast and in California, carries a wide range of recognized products including: burglary, fire alarms, CCTV, access control, building & home automation, structured wiring, home entertainment, vacuums, telephones and intercom products. Systems Depot provides competitive pricing, credit terms, shipping policies with assistance in education and systems design. For more information, visit www.costarvideo.com or www.sdepot.com. Contact Costar at 888-694-7827 or The Systems Depot at 877-797-3376.

Growing Security Sales Channel
Vidient Systems, Inc., a developer of behavior recognition software that makes networks of video surveillance cameras (CCTV) more accurate and cost effective, is partnering with Warren Associates. A full-service sales organization based in Livermore, CA, Warren Associates will market and sell Vidient SmartCatch 2.1 video surveillance software in Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Warren Associates joins a growing roster of Vidient marketing affiliates and distribution partners. “We align ourselves with the premiere providers of today’s most advanced security products with the goal of helping customers put in place the best solutions available,” comments Brad Warren, President and CEO of Warren Associates.

Vidient SmartCatch 2.1 automates video surveillance by embedding intelligence throughout existing CCTV networks. By integrating with a wide range of security sensors, such as card readers, and notification devices, such as PDAs, pagers and smart phones, SmartCatch provides customers complete situational awareness of their security landscape, identifying and managing real-time security threats and responses. For more information, visit www.warrenrep.com or www.vidient.com.

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