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Dec. 14, 2009
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Security Giants’ Partnership Means More Video

Siemens Security Solutions, a business unit of Siemens Building Technologies and Bosch Security Systems formed a strategic supplier partnership for video surveillance systems. In this partnership, Bosch will supply Siemens with a comprehensive video portfolio focusing on imaging and recording devices for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas markets. In retrospect, Siemens can offer an even more comprehensive solution based on the current backbone of systems, which Siemens Security Solutions provide.

“By utilizing this combination of technical competence along with our integrative expertise, we can offer our customers the best possible security solutions for their needs,” said Frank C.S. Pedersen, CEO of Siemens Security Solutions.

Pixim Technology Powers It Up

From indoor domes and vandal-resistant domes to box type and ATM cameras available in both IP and combined NTSC/PAL video formats, manufacturers continue to deploy Pixim technology in their latest cameras. Headquartered in Mountainview, Calif., Pixim Inc. develops imaging technology that allows video cameras to capture and process images.

Cisco, Wren Solutions, GE Security and Siemens Building Technologies are just among some of the few camera manufacturers that have recently added new Pixim-powered cameras to their lineup.

According to Andrew Wren, president of Wren Solutions, Pixim chips were the right choice for their new IP MiniGlobe cameras. “We selected the technology because it gives customers the highest-quality images with superior color rendering and the optimal exposure in uncontrolled lighting conditions 24 hours a day – a common problem in our target markets,” Wren continued.

deView Electronics continues to add additional camera configurations to their Pixim line up. “Our Pixim-powered cameras have continued to see strong demand during the recent economic downturn due to their versatility and consistent image quality in variable lighting,” said Mike Sheehan, president of deView.

In traditional cameras, individual pixels cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene. With Pixim’s patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology, each pixel automatically adjusts to produce an optimal exposure for all illumination levels, including very bright areas and dark-shadowed areas simultaneously.

Technology Partnership Ensures Security for the Outdoors

SightLogix, Princeton, N.J., a supplier of intelligent video surveillance cameras for outdoor security applications, partnered with Genetec to ensure compatibility with the company’s Omnicast IP video surveillance management solution. As a certified Genetec partner, SightLogix’s advanced video surveillance imaging solutions are fully compatible with Omnicast to provide users and integrators the highest levels of security capability. The pre-integrated solution will provide outdoor security for airports, seaports, mass transit/rail and other critical infrastructure applications. Technology benefits include full metadata integration with Omnicast, thus enabling all alarm and target information detected by a SightLogix camera to be displayed by the Genetec video management software (VMS). When a SightLogix camera detects a target that violates a user-defined security policy, the camera provides the precise Geographical Information System (GIS)-based target location to Genetec, which displays the nature of the threat and enables viewing of the video easily on the Genetec system for full situational awareness.