Let's Face It, Change is Good—Introducing SECURITY Dealer & Integrator

Oct. 27, 2008

WE WOULDN'T BE the kind of publication that you'd want to read if we didn't have our pulse on the industry. We've had it there for some 30 years and haven't missed a beat.

This year, we celebrate three decades of excellence. We've prevailed amid some tough business climates, just as our readers have. We've made some adjustments along the way, working diligently to capture and enrapture our readers with the timely topics and in-depth content they require to do business better and become a success in this ever-changing world we live in. It's hard to believe we've logged so many successful years of service to the burglar and fire alarm industry, but it's true and we must be doing something right. We've chronicled some of the vast changes to the security installing landscape, including mergers and acquisitions, the birth of ‘free' systems and the move to networking and Internet protocol (IP) products. And it's with this trend to convergence of technologies, systems and services we proudly introduce our new name: SECURITY Dealer & Integrator (SDI) .

Sure, it's just the addition of one little word, but it's a big deal for us and our readers. SECURITY Dealer in and of itself carried phenomenal name-recognition in the industry and we wanted to tread lightly with our loyal long-term readers as we made the move to the new title. But in all we had them in mind with this change as we move the publication up another notch into the next logical step to superiority and success—the merging of physical security and information technology.

You'll see new faces and players, including software and networking and IP camera providers who see now that there is so much you can do with what once was a simple communications signal. Look for value-added resellers and others who come from the analytics and intelligence side of the business to work in our arena as well. Together, we can continue to move forward and progress alongside security; because it will remain a critical component in everything we do.

Inside, we continue to make changes as well by offering easier to read sections and concise copy. We have lots of plans for 2008. In the January issue alone we have an exclusive editorial on “Government Update and Capitol Hill Legislative Watch,” written by John Chwat, who represents the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association as their lobbyist; as well as an integrator's roundtable on technology trends and developments which will also be available as a download to a listening device of your choice on our Web portal, www.securityinfowatch.com. Playing off our 30-year anniversary we launch our regular feature on Security Systems— Then and Now, with this month's topic: Fire. There's also our cover focus on a successful merger and acquisition as well as our new business management expert Cathy Rempel who also explores the same subject from a different perspective. Look inside as well for an article on Innovation in Web-based monitoring by SD&I's own Associate Editor Greg McConnell as he reports on the latest methods for remote alarm system monitoring and more. And, that's just the beginning, there's a in-depth story on carbon monoxide sensors in the home as well as products in every category imaginable—including fire, access control, CCTV, intrusion detection and others. Don't forget our columns in the issue—ranging from alarms, access control, surveillance, networking and everything in-between.   

One thing hasn't changed--our commitment to the security dealer, integrator, central station companies, manufacturers and distributors. That's because without you, we wouldn't be here today. We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forwarding to hearing from you. We know this year is going to be just awesome!