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Oct. 27, 2008
Physical Security Systems Engineering Manager

The Physical Security Systems Engineering Manager is a consulting-level professional, recognized both internally by the company and externally by the business community as having broad expertise or unique knowledge. He or she contributes to the development of company objectives and principles. This individual will be the physical security subject matter expert for the corporation.

Job Description:
• Responsible for researching and selecting technical security systems (CCTV, access control and alarm);
• Designs and/or engineers such systems for specific applications;
• Conducts vulnerability assessments and physical security assessments of facilities, including periodic tests of physical security and access control elements;
• Develops and maintains physical security policies, standards and guidelines;
• Ensures state-of-the-art physical security programs, methods and equipment by conducting research through benchmarking and evaluation of vendor-provided products and services;
• Approves/modifies all security contractor designs;
• Manages regional physical security specialists; and
•­ Develops and presents persuasive presentations to senor executives.

Qualification Guidelines:
BS or BA in a security- or business-related discipline, or equivalent experience. Minimum 10 years of management-level experience in the security field. Minimum 5 years of experience in the design/engineering of technical security systems. Minimum 5 years of experience in conducting vulnerability assessments and developing policies, standards and guidelines. Working knowledge of CCTV, access control and alarm systems, and their application, along with the ability to develop both conceptual and final designs of those systems. Highly developed skills in the areas of communication (verbal and written), leadership, analysis and planning. Experience in the installation of security systems is highly desirable.

Salary Trends:
Formal surveys haven’t been conducted to determine the average salary of this position, but it has been observed that compensation often falls between $80,000 and $140,000 annually.

Jerry Brennan and Steve Walker are co-authors of the book “Security Careers.” Mr. Brennan is founder of SMR Group, a job-finding resource for security executives. Mr. Walker is partner in leading compensation consulting and research firm Foushee Group Inc. Both are content expert faculty for the Security Executive Council. For information about the Security Executive Council, visit “Security Careers” may be purchased through the Security Executive Council Web site. The information in this article is copyrighted and reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.